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WARNING: This plugin requires the latest development build of CraftBukkit which can be found here.

Have you ever wanted to give your friends or thieves a scare by surprising them with a shrill Ghast shriek? Maybe you've wanted to simply add more functionality to Note Blocks. Well now you can! Okay that sounded cheesy to let's cut to the good stuff. With this plugin, you can:

  • Play all types of sounds from almost every mob in Minecraft.
  • Add more functionality and purpose to the ordinary Note Block.
  • Trigger sound alerts when griefers enter your homes and give them a scare.
  • Play additional sound effects such as lightning strikes and explosions.
  • Add more options to gameplay.

Watch It In Action!

Thanks to UltiByte for the video!

How to Create A Mob Block

To create a Mob Block, the player must have the mb.create permission node. The player must be sneaking when they place the Note Block or else the Note Block will be a normal Note Block. Upon creation, the player will see a message saying the creation is complete.

How to Use A Mob Block

The player must have the mb.toggle permission node. To toggle the sounds for the Mob Block, the player right clicks to scroll through the sounds just like for a regular Note Block and left clicks to play the sound. Note that the Mob Blocks function as regular Note Blocks do and can be played through a Redstone current.

Removing Mob Blocks

The player must have the mb.create permission node. Simply break the Mob Block to destroy it.

How to Install

Installation is easy as few simple clicks:

  1. Download the latest build of MobBlock here.
  2. Download the latest CraftBukkit development build.
  3. Drag MobBlock.jar into the CraftBukkit plugins folder and start up the server.
  4. That is all!


Default Nodes:

  • mb.create - Allows player to create Mob Blocks.
  • mb.toggle - Allows player to toggle the sound played by the Mob Block.
  • mb.listen - Players with this node can hear the effects played by Mob Blocks.

All of the permissions are default for non-op players. To remove their permission to use Mob Blocks, add the node of the permission you want to remove with a '-' sign in front of the node.

Source on GitHub:

Change Log:

Version 1.0:

  • Release.

To Do List

  • Add more sounds to the block such as block break and footsteps.


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