Mob Apocalypse


What versions does this work on?

TESTED ON: 1.6.4, 1.7.2 and 1.7.9 without any issues.

What is Mob Apocalypse?

Mob Apocalypse builds on Zombie Apocalypse by sheodox ( but expands on its functionality since he decided to stop upgrading the plugin other than bug fixes or MC version compatibility.

MA is now being built as a stand along world "mini game" which can control an entire apocalyptic world for you. Complete with destructive events, exploding mobs, acid rain, custom items and MORE. Simply create a world, add its name to the plugin and let it go. All of the events will be contained strictly to that world created.

It will have a hardcore mode as well with added flavor to make hardcore more fun to play. Craftable "extra lives" to extend your play on the world too! Let me know what you want to see in it!

How does it work?

You define an interval time and the plugin continues to attempt to create events at that interval. For instance, you choose 4 hour (in game time) as your interval. Every 4 hours (in game) MA will attempt to spawn a defined amount mobs at player locations throughout a defined world. Additional destructive events can occur as well (not fully implemented yet) which can cause havoc on a world so I would suggest setting up a special world to handle these events.

So what does Monster Apocalypse do that Zombie Apocalypse did not?

Quite a few things actually, and more are planned. In a nutshell though, a variety of mobs can spawn at different times throughout the day. People can totally opt-out of the event as well. Rewards will be participatory and based on how active you were at defending the event so the more active defenders can receive better rewards then those who AFK through an event.

Rewards can now include items, money and XP. As long as you kills something during an event, you will receive a reward. Future releases will allow for tiers of rewards and award these by amount of kills.

It doesn't work, what should I do?

This has been tested in a very limited fashion on 1.6.4, 1.7.2 and 1.7.9 vanilla servers. It has been tested on a 1.6.4 MCPC+ server as well, so this should be fully compatible with all version of Minecraft from 1.62/4 forward as of now. It may NOT work if you are running a 1.7.9 Spigot based server though.

Obviously, if you encounter some kind of crash or error, let me know, but be warned I will not really be answering specific questions about why YOUR server is not working with it nicely. However, I will respond if you find an issue that affects people in general. If it does not play nice with Plugin X, Y or Z on your server, I simply just will not be able to assist.

What is coming in future version?

Well, first off, LET ME KNOW! :) This is fully being developed with the intent to make a hardcore server FUN to play and give the opportunity for life beyond a single death. Some may say this defeats the purpose, but I am not suggesting it remain unlimited, just give players a way to use vanilla resources to increase their longevity while still having the fear of the final death!

New upgrade system for upgrading your weapons using craftable upgrades. For example, craft an 'Upgrade Gem' to increase a weapon from its Base Tier. Weapon will gain additional abilities as you upgrade it. Initial testing has Diamond Sword upgrades, but will expand to more unique items and armor!

More mayhem events throughout the server and introduction of boss mobs, variation of vanilla mobs and more. Special "boss events" will also be either a triggered event or something a player can trigger through crafting of special items received during special events.

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