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mmoParty provides leadership based parties with optional damage protection. By using Spout players get a visible display of your current party members and their pets. To create a party you simply invite other people to join you.

The mmoMinecraft suite is a collection of plugins that together attempt to create a more mmorpg-like experience in Minecraft.


  • mmoCore - Required by all mmoMinecraft plugins.
  • mmoChat - Optional: Adds a "Party" filter.
  • mmoDamage - Optional: Prevents PVP damage between party members and their pets.


  • Limited party size (default: 6)
  • Always show party health display (when not in a party this basically means you and your pet, default: true)
  • Show party member's pets in the party health display (default: true)
  • Disallow PVP within the party, including pets (default: true, requires mmoDamage)
  • Commands are only listed if it's possible to use them at the time. This means that being in a party gives a different list, as does being a leader.
  • Party is persistent, so players will remain in their party until they get kicked out or they leave.

Screenshot (mmoParty, mmoPets & mmoTarget)



  • /p - Alias for /party.
  • /mmoparty - Alias for /party.
  • /party help - Displays a list of current commands.
  • /party status - Displays your current party status (needed for non-Spout clients)
  • /party invite <player> - Invite the named player to your party. (leader / solo)
  • /party accept - Accept your only party invitation (solo) OR
  • /party accept <leader> - Accept an invitation from the named leader. (solo)
  • /party decline - Decline your only invitation (solo) OR
  • /party decline <leader> - Decline an invitation from the named leader. (solo)
  • /party leave - Leave your current party.
  • /party promote <player> - Promotes another player to the leadership. (leader)
  • /party kick <player> - Kick a player out of your party. (leader)
  • /party - Make the party channel the default. (with mmoChat)
  • /party <message> - Send a message to the party channel. (with mmoChat)


  • There is no need to decline every (or even any) invitation - once you accept a party invitation all the others will get deleted.
  • If you are the leader and you leave, then the first person you invited will get promoted to leader.


  • Support for translations.
  • Capes (possibly) - possibly a separate plugin to handle them and link to various others.
  • Raid system (ie, extra large parties) - with certain quests / areas / worlds limited to raid groups. There'll be downsides to raids too though ;-)


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