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mmoChatTitle adds a permissions based "Title" filter to channels. You can set default titles to use, and if it should apply to all channels, or just via a chat filter. It is also possible to limit the number of displayed titles.

The mmoMinecraft suite is a collection of plugins that together attempt to create a more mmorpg-like experience in Minecraft.


  • mmoCore - Required by all mmoMinecraft plugins.
  • mmoChat - Filter based chat handling.


  • Add a title for any permission node (note, that's actual permission nodes, not permission groups or anything else unsupported by Bukkit permissions).
  • Limit number of displayed titles (order as they first appear, global before local, local overrides global but doesn't change order).
  • Default titles to use, or a per-channel list.


#ChatTitle Configuration
always_show: true     # If the title should just be by filter
default:              # List of "<permission>=<title>" nodes
- group.admin=[Admin]
- some.other.permission=[Unlucky]
max_titles: 1         # Maximum to display, 0 to display them all


  • Title [<permission>=<title>] [<permission>=<title>] [...] - Include the title if a player has one.


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