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What is Missed Craft?Missed craft is suppost to be designed to make crafting much easier with a new addtional item. UNDER HEAVY DEVOLPMENT!WE ARE TRYING TO INSTALL SOMETHING AND ARE AWAITING FINISH FOR INTIAL RELEASE! Experment #001 We are very happy.

Why do we have this

This was an idea from Knethreacraft,which its easy to duplicate dirt(because dirt is all over the place at your plot) and yeah.So we just decided to devolp a program to see and add a new plugin.This is a very easy plugin to install. Like all plugins,you install it into the plugins folder.

What items there are

Basically,one item. Its called the Random box. It is put with anything else to duplicate an item excluding itself. Its currently NOT craftable.Besides,anything that you cannot get from vanilla minecraft does not duplicate.

How heavy is it

By the ideas,its probly a very heavy plugin.

What does the random box do?

By default coding?Cheating software without the hassle to protect youself.Its for a fun reason to use a cheating plugin with a dulipcation item.

5 ways to annoy staff with it

1.Build an emerald house 2.Dupelicate alot of tnt,then place pressure plates on the floor,then place the tnt under there house so when they come back they will have a blown up house. 3.Have a drop party made out of slimes(LOL,needs mob disguise and a hacking plugin). 4.Dupeicate diamonds and have a drop party without permissions.Then get banned and have 500 other accounts. 5.Kill the ender dragon,ghasts and other things by dupelicated diamonds!

What this does for owners

This has 2 ways for me,dont know for you. 1.This helps duplicate emeralds in survival while the owner is getting thim. 2.Easy-to-ban people(yes,I didnt mention this plugin is also helpful for banning easier)


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