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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


After looking around trying to find a affordable, feature richefficient (for use on Larger Servers) Minions plugin and after concluding that was not going to happen, I decided to make my own. The current Minion plugins that exist on Spigot / other places are (in my opinion) way overpriced, incredibly un-efficient or simply do not work..
My plugin aims to provide an efficient however feature rich Minions Plugin and even includes an API so developers can create their own custom Minions, simply.

What is this plugin? 
This plugin, like others, provides a way for players to place 'Minions' (robots) that perform tasks, such as mine ores. These resources can be automatically put into a linked chest nearby. This plugin has tons of hooks that allow it to hook into other plugins, including SkyBlockGriefPreventionTownyFactions, World Guard and so many more (see below)!

Current Minions:
Miner (Mines the block in-front, upgraded miner smelts ore / mines multiple blocks in front) 
Slayer (Kills mobs within a pre-configured range)
Collector (Collects Items within a pre-configured range)
Feeder (Feeds minions with a pre-configured range)
Lumberjack (Chops wood & leaves within a pre-configured range)
Farmer (Farms farmland within a pre-configured range)
Fisher (Catches fish within water pools located infront of the minion)

All Minions are upgradable, with configurable upgrade settings

Main Features

  • Upgrade Minions with $$$, configure price per upgrade, messages & what they do at each level
  • Fully customizable Minion Store
  • Completely customizable per Minion Interface
  • Console Commands Supported
  • ASkyBlock,SkyBlockEarth, IslandWorld, GriefPrevention, Towny, AcidIsland, Factions (MassiveFactions/FactionUUID), Residence, PlotSquared, Lands, RedProtect,Vault, WildStacker and World Guard supported - Need another..? Message me :)
  • Loads/unloads Minions efficiently on player login/logout and on chunk load/unload. This plugin will not keep chunks loaded (unlike other similar plugins that do) - Causing larger servers to have thousands of unneeded chunks loaded.
  • Set Minion Limits with Permissions
  • Customizable Health, per Minion type
  • Customizable delays for Animations and Actions per Minion (Specificity the amount of ticks between animation and action, great for larger servers to deal with lag efficiently)
  • Customise Minions Name (and allow Players to set the name of their minions, again through a permission which they can win/buy somehow)
  • Rotate the Minions direction
  • Link Minions to chests
  • Feed Minions to keep them powering through their tasks! (Again completely configurable, if you want minions to power on for ever, you can..)

A few other features that other plugins simply do not have:

  • Create your own custom suits (using Player Heads & RGB colours) and give players access to them through permissions (A great EULA friendly donation perk!). Why be forced to have 'pre-defined' suits when you can create your own...? Players will have access to a Skin GUI to pick from these suits! Skins are cached to prevent long loading times / to many authentications with Mojang
  • Data is stored via Custom NBT Tags When a minion is in an inventory, many other minion plugins force you to have a lore that you do not want (this is how, for example, block-counts can be saved). This plugin uses custom NBT tags to store data (such as stats & Minion level) meaning data is saved on ItemStacks however it is invisible to the user.
  • An API that allows any developer with a basic understanding of Java to create custom Minions. The API is explained below, although is incredibly very easy to use.

Commands And Permissions

There are no real commands needed for players, instead I suggest giving them these permissions:

General Permissions:
minions.player.* - 
Gives them the permissions below
minions.player.rename - Allows them to rename their minion
minions.player.linkchest - Allows them to link a chest
- Allows them access to /Minions (although not needed) - Allow access to /Minions store

Skin Permissions
This will allow players to select skins in the skin GUI menu
minions.skins.* or 

Minion Limit Permissions

Depending on what permission a user has, will depend on how many minions they can place. Minion place permissions are configured in the config.yml. By default, the permission - will allow access to three minions, (Check the config.yml to create other permissions allowing for more/less minions)

Admin Permissions & Commands
minions.admin.break - Will allow a user to break any minion
minions.admin.viewminion - Allows any user to open any (loaded) minion menu
minions.admin.reload - /Minions Reload Reloads the configuration file, although a restart is required for certain things.
minions.admin.givecommand - /Minions give <Player> <MinionType> <Amount> Gives a specified player that minion (The Minion Type is Case sensitive)
minions.admin.storeother- /Minions storeother <Player> Opens the store for another player
minions.admin.bypasslimit - Allows a user to place however many minions they want


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