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Add some extra complexity to your mining experience by adding mining levels!


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- create unlimited levels with special abilities
- item and command rewards
- custom level up sounds
- ingame editor guis
- define which blocks can be mined by which levels
- define your own xp system
- placeholderAPI support
- bossBar, actionBar and title support
- beautiful popup messages
- everything is configurable and free of charge

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Level up message
Gained xp message
Cannot break block message
Commands & Permissions
- /ml | shows your level information
- /mr | claim your level rewards
- /ml blockeditor | opens block editor
- /ml leveleditor | opens level editor
- /ml help | lists all commands
- /ml setlevel | sets the level of a player
- /ml setxp | sets the xp of a player
- /ml level | shows the level of a player
- /ml self | shows your level
- /ml reload | reloads all files
- /ml info | shows some information about mininglevels
Permissions and a more detailed description of the commands can be found here.
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