Q: How do I get Factions to work with Minigames when players are in the same faction?


Quote from LiLChris06:

Claim the land with Warzone and they will be able to hit each other. If you do not want them to lose power, you can set the config of Warzone faction to not lose power.

If that is too much work you can just make a different world for all your Minigames, that is what I did and its so much easier.

Q: When players die, they teleport to their home/spawn instead of to their spawnpoint/end/quit position, how do I fix this?

A: Some plugins set their respawn priority to highest, which they shouldn't. Having their priority highest overwrites Minigames (even though Minigames is also set to highest). The only plugin I know of that doesn't do this by default is Essentials. Another plugin I now know of that can be changed to not overwrite Minigames is HomeSpawnPlus:

Quote from shadvalentine:

I set the eventPriority to low in HomeSpawnPlus config.yml and now minigames takes over when people are in the minigames

Others may do this too, just take a look in their config files.

Q: Can you add team specific loadouts to Minigames?

A: Yes! Visit the wiki (//github.com/Razz0991/Minigames/wiki/Loadouts" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">https://github.com/Razz0991/Minigames/wiki/Loadouts)[here">https://github.com/Razz0991/Minigames/wiki/Loadouts)[here] to find out how.

Q: Can you add more teams?

A: It is a planned feature, but it is a large task requiring recoding of how teams work within Minigames.

Q: Can you enable teleporting?

A: No. It wouldn't work well, mainly because of other plugins. For example, if another plugin forces a player to teleport, it could really mess up a Minigame. (Eg: Players teleporting home, to spawn or to another player, letting them take items from a game).