Minigames Party

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Minigames Party

This is a set of minigames each 60 seconds long which you can play in one run.

I released a new huge minigames project called MinigamesLib which can be seen as "MinigamesParty 2.0" pretty much. Works nearly the same as MinigamesParty as it allows Arcade (play through all minigames in one run + shuffle), is more stable, doesn't lag and supports new and bigger minigames like MobEscape etc. It also allows far more customization, but it also isn't a "all in one" plugin, but more info regarding that on the MinigamesLib project page.

These are the currently included minigames:

  • ColorMatch: Jump to the color corresponding to the wool color in your inventory!
  • Spleef: Destroy the floor under your opponents to make them fall and lose!
  • MineField: Run to the finish without touching the mines!
  • Jump'n'run: Jump to the finish!
  • DeadEnd: Don't fall while the blocks are disappearing behind you!
  • DisIntegration: Don't fall while the floor is disappearing!
  • LastArcherStanding: Shoot the others with the bow!
  • SheepFreenzy: Shear as many Sheeps as possible! Attention: Some of them explode.
  • SimpleSmokeMonster: Avoid the smoke.
  • SlapFight: Slap the others and make them fall!
  • ChickenTag Pass the chicken to others or you'll die!

It will loop forever until everyone leaves and has economy/item reward options and a credits system.


  • 1. build main lobby
  • 2. /mp setlobby
  • 3. /mp setup This will create all arenas on your current y-level, be sure that you have like 500 blocks free in the south and east directions and 50 in the north and west directions.
  • 4. create a join sign at the main lobby (write "[party]" on the second line)

You need the permission node mp.sign for creating signs.


See the config as of v1.4.2 here with a few explanations.


/mp helpshows help
/mp setlobbysets the main lobbymp.setlobby
/mp setupused for the setup at the beginningmp.setup
/mp reloadconfigreloads the config
/mp setuppointteleports you to your last setup pointmp.setup
/mp listlists all loaded minigames
/mp statsshows your player statistics
/mp leaderboards [credits/wins]shows player leaderboards (credits or wins)
/mp disable [minigame]disables a minigamemp.disable
/mp enable [minigame]enables a minigamemp.enable
/mp leaveleaves the game
/mp joinjoins the game
/mp shopopens the shop
/mp skipthis is a debug command, skips current minigamemp.skip
/mp setcomponent [minigame] [component]changes any component of a minigame, e.g. spawn, lobby, spectatorlobby, finishmp.setup

Ingame Commands (if you're in the MGParty):

  • /leave or /quit
  • /shop

You need the permission node mp.sign for creating signs.


first preview

Overview as of v1.5.1


[ENGLISH] Plugin tutorial:

[GERMAN] Plugin tutorial:

[GAMEPLAY] Gameplay video by kamo: link.


  • add a bunch of more minigames
  • more effects like fireworks
  • UUID support for premium accounts (not sure how to solve cracked users)
  • add better Smokemonster
  • add full 1.7.8 support

Additional Information

Your server should have at least 1gb ram, as this plugin is fairly resource intensive. You can find my github with this plugin here. You can download Colormatch as a seperate plugin here.

To enable/disable certain minigames, type /mp disable [minigame] or /mp enable [minigame]. You can see a list of minigames with /mp list, disabled ones will show up red here.

You can try out this plugin on where Kamo is constantly testing new builds of MGParty (but of course has a bunch of other nice minigames too).

Have fun :)



I updated the plugin to the latest version, but the new minigames are not showing up!

Do another /mp setup at the same location and reload the server.


Is this plugin compatible with 1.6.4?

Indeed, it is. And 1.7.2 + 1.7.5 are supported, too.


What the hell is Jump'n'run for?!

You need to build a jump'n'run before the game and players need to beat it later then when playing.


I run a Bungee network, how do I turn on Bungee support?

Enable game-on-join in the config.


What are credits for?

Players can buy things in the shop for them. Type /shop ingame or /mp shop outgame to access the shop.


To use MySQL, change the host, database, user and pw variables in the config and setup the following table via phpmyadmin or some similar SQL software.

Tablename: mgparty

[int] id[string] player[int] credits[int] wins

ID has to have auto_increment turned on.

VIP Perks

Players can earn double or triple coins, just give them the following permissions:

  • mp.double_coins
  • mp.triple_coins

Other strange technical stuff

This plugin has a Metrics System (hidendra) included, which sends server related information (like MC version, Java version, Plugin version, player count, system info) to the official MCStats server.

This plugin also includes an autoupdater, which checks for updates on curse and downloads and autoupdates the plugin. I don't recommend turning this off for important quickfixes in the future, but if you're still interested in turning this off, disable auto_updating in the config.


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