Want to play a normal SkyBlock server? Join my server I have created: (I will be making a Mini-SkyBlock server soon!)

Summary This is a miniature version of the popular map by Noobcrew, SkyBlock. Instead of spawning on a 3x3x3x3 island, you spawn on just a 3x3x3, 3 new items have been added to the chest, 2 being from 1.4 (Carrots and potatoes). And the other item is a sign to be used with a chest locking plugin like Lockette. The plugin is an edited version of a plugin called, skySMP v0.1 by Qgel.


  • /skyblock - Lists a menu of the commands.
  • /skyblock challenges [1/2] - Lists challenges to complete
  • /skyblock help - Does the same thing as /skyblock.
  • /snew - Creates a Mini-SkyBlock island.
  • /snew replace - Replaces your current Mini-SkyBlock island.
  • /home - Teleports you to your island.

Admin Commands (Op)

  • /skydev - Lists the last island created.
  • /removeisland <player name> - Removes the specified player's island.


  • skyblock.create - Gives permission to /new and /new replace. (All the other commands do not require permissions)

Recommended Plugins


  • WorldGuard island protection (You'll have to have WorldGuard and WorldEdit on your server for this to work)
  • Co-op
  • Config


  • Qgel - Original code.
  • MinecraftReagan - Edited code to make commands and code neater. And made the SkyBlock mini.
  • Noobcrew - Creator of SkyBlock.

Image Mini-SkyBlock Island


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