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Miner's Insanity makes players start to slowly go insane if they spend to much time deep underground. This plugin is ideal for arena style servers where some players will choose to hide underground instead of joining the fight. It also works well with any server that encourages players to spend less time digging and more time exploring or fighting. The idea of insanity was first thought up by dillyg10 in his plugin Insanity. This is a complete remake of his idea meant to give even more control over the way players experience insanity. Almost everything is configurable, everything from the depth at which players go insane to the amount of damage a player will receive while insane. (Even disable damage if you just want to have players experience blindness and confusion effects.) You can even set messages to display to players while insane. There are currently no commands or permissions, but players in creative mode are exempt from the effects of insanity.


  • Become Insane!
  • While insane, experience confusion and blindness potion effects
  • Slowly loose health while insane!
  • Insanity messages can be sent to insane players.
  • Sanity Bar to keep track of Sanity.
  • Spawn Hallucinations that will attack the player!


You can change...

  • The Y-value that triggers sanity loss.
  • The total amount of sanity a player has.
  • The rate at which players lose sanity.
  • The rate at which players lose health while insane.
  • The amount of health players lose every X seconds due to health loss rate.
  • The chance of the player experiencing certain insanity effects.
  • The actual insanity messages. (up to 10 messages)

Configuration Page

Installation and Dependencies

Installation of Miner's Insanity is incredibly simple!
  1. Simply download and drop MinersInsanity.jar into your plugins folder.
  2. Start up and then stop the server.
  3. Edit the config.yml file in the MinersInsanity folder.
  4. Start up your server again and enjoy!
Miner's Insanity has one optional dependency.
Download and drop BarAPI.jar into your plugins folder.
Download it here: ====> BarAPI <====
You can now enable the ShowSanityInBar option of the config!

Permissions and Commands

There are very few commands for this plugin as they are not needed.

  • /insanity help ==> Displays the commands for insanity.
  • /insanity info ==> The only command; gives a small description of what insanity is.

All permissions default to true. A player will have all permissions without setting anything.

  • minersinsanity.help
  • minersinsanity.info
  • There is no insanity bypass commands, but all creative mode players are unaffected.

Future Changes

  • Create hallucinations. (Done)
  • Addition of BarAPI for a more interesting Sanity bar. (Done)
  • Allow light levels to determine insanity instead of just height
  • Add more effects.
  • Insanity resistant items/armor
  • Set the rate at which insanity is recovered. (Done)
  • Allow per-world options
  • Any other ideas you guys have!


Leave a comment, send me a PM, or shoot me an email at Ajaxan@redfootdev.com Also, feel free to add me on Skype: mc.Ajaxan


If you like my work feel free to support me. I love making plugins but this is a great way to motivate me to make certain changes or updates! Thanks for using my plugins and being awesome!



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