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MineralManager - Enrich your World!

Version: v2.1
Tested Through: 1.3.1-R1.0

MineralManager is a pretty substantial rewrite of the original MineralVein code base. It includes drastic performance improvements, code improvements, reliability, and also improved user interface. MineralManager is currently in beta and this documentation is not yet complete, but will be updated as the release nears.


  • Put MineralManager.jar in your plugins folder
  • Reload your server to allow the config.yml to be created
  • Edit config.yml
  • Reload your server again to allow the config to take
  • In-game: create a region, see help on region creation coming soon.

Small Config File Example

  mineOriginalOnly: false
  usePermissions: false
  placeholder: AIR
    onBlockBreak: This %b will be available in %c seconds.
    onBlockProspect: This %b has already been mined.

    - type: COAL_ORE
      cooldown: 90 # seconds
      degrade: 0.5 # 50% chance
    - type: IRON_ORE
      cooldown: 60
      degrade: 0.05 # 5% chance
      cooldown: 50
      degrade: 0.01 # 1% chance

The configuration file is made of two major sections: the DEFAULT section and the CONFIGURATION section. The DEFAULT section is where you can define configuration which will be used as the basis for any configurations in the configuration section. And then in the CONFIGURATION section you define individual configs, each with a short name, which you will use for tying to regions.

More complete example available here

Block config

The managedBlocks section of each configuration is the most important of the config, it contains what is needed to define what blocks MineralManager will track.

  - type: COAL_ORE
    cooldown: 90
    degrade: 0.5
    placeholder: STONE
  • type: The type of this block. Must be either a block ID (like 15 for iron ore) or a Material constant both of which can be optionally followed by the block's data value (like 'LOG 2' or '17 2' for Birch).
  • cooldown: Number of seconds until this block comes back
  • degrade The probability (with 1.0 being 100%) that a block will break forever. For example, 0.05 would be a 5% chance of not respawning. That means that for every 20 times this kind of block is broken, on average there will be one block that will not respawn.
  • placeholder The block that will take the place of this block when it is broken and goes on cooldown. This field overrides any other declarations of placeholder in the more general settings.


mineOriginalOnly: <Boolean> (Either true or false for enabling / disabling this feature)

This allows for the server to keep track of which blocks are placed by players and stops MineralManager from interacting with those blocks. If enabled this will stop players from making private mines but can be a fun option to disable on PVP servers to allow for looting of precious ore blocks.

usePermissions: <Boolean> (Either true or false for enabling / disabling this feature)

Enabling this feature will make it so you must have the MineralManager.User permission to interact with MineralVein and cause blocks to respawn. It will also make it so that you must have the MineralManager.Admin permission to access the /mm commands. If this feature is disabled only ops will be able to use /mm commands and anyone will be able to interact with MineralManager and cause mined blocks to respawn.

placeholder: <Block Type>(The type of block that will replace any block that is mined)

This parameter is used to decide what happens when a block is mined and doesn't degrade. Should it be replaced with BEDROCK or AIR? You have control over what block will act as a placeholder. Having BEDROCK as a placeholder keeps players from losing where their mined ores are and can introduce interesting challenges when mining large groups of ores and potentially building an impenetrable wall. While using something like STONE will hide a mined ore and players will be non-the-wiser until they either attempt to mine the block or it re-spawns in front of them. Using something like AIR as your placeholder removes the ability for players to prospect blocks but can act as a nice surprise when a random DIAMOND_ORE appears out of thin air.

volatile: <Boolean> (true/false, default false)

If true, then mining the placeholder block will cause the ore block to not respawn. For example, if you have a placeholder of WOOL and you then mine an iron block, then also break the wool placeholder, the iron block respawn will be cancelled. Note Does not apply if the placeholder is AIR, since you cannot "mine" air, nor if it is BEDROCK, since it's not breakable.

active: <Boolean> (true/false, default true)

If false, the region will not be used when handling block break events. This is useful for creating doughnut shaped regions or if you want to toggle certain regions on and off at different times without having to re-create them.


onBlockBreak: <String>(What players will see when they mine a block that doesn't degrade) onBlockProspect: <String>(What players who attempt to mine a block on cooldown will see)

These two fields represent the messages that players will see when the either mine a block for the first time, or attempt to mine a placeholder block that is standing in for some other block on cool-down. The variables %b, %c, and %r will be replaced with the Block Type, Block Cool-down, and Remaining Cool-down of whichever block you are attempting to mine. You can also set these fields to false or NONE if you would rather not have a message be displayed.


  • MineralManager.User
    • Allows players to interact with MineralManager, causing mined blocks to respawn.
  • MineralManager.Admin
    • Allows players to use MineralManager commands.


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