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Included Quirks - Making your own quirks

Minequirk is a plugin that will allow you to use typing quirks; where regular expressions change the player's message. This is based on Homestuck's trolls, which had incredibly obvious typing quirks. It is currently not yet finished.




  • Getting chat
  • Permissions
  • List of quirks to translate in psuedocode
  • Command

Not yet done:

  • Regex replacing
  • Hardcoded quirks
  • Adding in additional functionality to implement quirks required (lower/uppercase, prefixes, suffixes; mainly a matter of figuring out a way to represent them internally)

Will be done after version 1.0:

  • replacing from random (not sure how to implement? uses hashmap; everything can have only one key-value pair. meaning that certain quirks won't be perfect on first version; e.g. Meulin's cat smilies.)
  • Custom quirks

Things that will never be added:

  • Automatic puns

Example usage:

Player: Testing, one two three four.

/minequirk list

[Minequirk] Aradia, Eridan, [. . . .]

/minequirk Aradia

[Minequirk] Quirk set to Aradia's.

Player: Testing, 0ne tw0 three f0ur.

/minequirk none

[Minequirk] Quirk disabled.

Player: Testing, one two three four.


  • minequirk.*: gives all permissions.
  • minequirk.quirk: lets sets your quirk using /minequirk quirk. Also gives /minequirk list access.
  • minequirk.otherquirk: lets you set others' quirks using /minequirk [player] <quirk>.
  • minequirk.reload: reload the quirk list.


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