MinePermit 2.0

It is NOT YET RELEASED. Look for it by the 10th!

The original iconic MinePermit! Now completely rebuilt and updated, some of the new features:

  • Multi-World support!
  • Custom Permit Areas (charge differently for different areas in the world? Nest an infinite number of customizable areas inside each other? Done!)
  • Greater customization for admins
  • Make permits only necessary below a certain point
  • Make un-tracked Blocks un/minable
  • New types of permits!
  • Universal Permits!

1.7.2 Support!


First, install MineCore. It is a required dependency of MinePermit, as it manages all its economy and permissions settings, and is used to store player data. Go get it at http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/minecore

Next, copy MinePermit.jar into your plugins directory. If you used any version of MinePermit before V 2.0, please delete the /plugins/minepermit/ folder in order to allow it to regenerate. Everything will be generated and then you can proceed to customizing to your hearts content. The plugin starts with some basic settings, and though it will work out-of-the-box, you WILL want to customize the configuration.

Old versions are NOT SUPPORTED


For Admins


No admin/console commands yet! Need one? Ask, and ill add it to the ToDo list.


This is where all the customization of MinePermit comes from. There do not consist any commands currently to edit these features in-game, so they must be managed directly in the configuration file, and the server must be re-loaded for the changes to propagate. The configuration file is located at /plugins/minepermit/config.yml

The default file:

allowDataCollection: true         #If set to false, will disable stat reporting for this plugin. See "Notes"

WorldPermitAreas:                               #All world configs go under here.
  world:                                                 #The name of the world
    allowMiningUnspecifiedBlocks: false   #Whether blocks not specified under 'prices' can be mined
    effectiveDepth: 65                              #Below what depth should permits be required?
    prices:                              #Prices for the permits in this permit area. Does not cascade to children.
      UNIVERSAL:                   #The material type. If the name is 'UNIVERSAL', then the price information is used for the UniversalPermit
        types:                           #The different types of permits to use
          COUNTED:                  #The type of permit
            price: 1000                 #The price to buy the permit
            amount: 50                 #How much time/blocks the player gets to use/mine for the permit.
            price: 10000
            amount: 3600
            price: 100
            amount: 30
            price: 300
            amount: 1000
            price: 50
            amount: 40
      LAPIS_ORE:                    #If its empty, it cannot be mined.
        types:                            #Just make sure to have the 'types' section
            price: 30
            amount: 70
            price: 10
            amount: 60000
    children:                             #PermitAreas that are contained by this Permit Area
      DasMine:                          #The name (doesnt really do anything)
        x1: 123                           #Coordinates within the world. NOT respective to parent permit area
        z1: 2
        x2: 321
        z2: 56
        allowMiningUnspecifiedBlocks: true
        effectiveDepth: 70
                price: 600
                amount: 60

There can be an indefinite number of children areas inside any one area, as long as they do not intersect in any way. The configuration options for the worlds and the children permit areas is identical, except for where noted above.

Currently, there are 2 types of permits, COUNTED and TIMED. Counted counts the number of blocks a player mines, and expires when the limit is reached, as defined by the config. Timed goes purely by time, so number of blocks does not matter, and it is counted in seconds in the Configuration and in commands.

When blocks are broken, MinePermit First uses specific permits (like for iron or coal), then uses Universal permits. The Universal permit can have the exact same types and works the exact same way as a normal permit, except that it allows the player to mine any SPECIFIED blocks. Thus, if allowMiningUnspecifiedBlocks is false, you would still not be able to mine anything not defined in the config.

  • minepermit.exempt - Permits are not required
  • minepermit.buy - Core permission for using buying permits
  • minepermit.admin - Necessary to use admin commands (there arent any yet though)

For Players

  • /permit - List of commands
  • /permit buy [id/"universal"] - Buys permit
  • /permit cost [id] - Display cost of certain permit. No param displays price for universal permit
  • /permit time {id} - Displays remaining time for permit. No param displays all owned permits
  • /permit view {id} - Returns if a permit is required for this block. No param returns all required permits

ToDo List

  • Permanent Permit

MineCore has now moved to http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/minecore and MinePlot has moved to http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mineplot. Both are now fully implemented and updated to 1.7.2, so give them a try! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This plugin uses Metrics to record data about the plugin's use. All this does is record simple anonymous data about how the plugin is used, including server specs like architecture, number of cores, OS, general location (country), java version, game version, and players online. All the recorded data can be retrieved at http:mcstats.org/plugin/MinePlot. If you would like to opt-out, change the property in the configuration file "allowDataCollection" to false and restart the server. This will not impact the plugin's execution in any way. By using this plugin, you are agreeing to the collection of data about your server as defined on this page. This page will only reflect the latest release version, and doesn't reflect versions available on Github or elsewhere.

This plugin does not auto-update or check for updates.


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