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This plugin was designed to make managing the users on your server easier, and create a way to solve grief before it happens. The simple model of Greylist does not make new users feel too restricted and allows them to 'try before buy' your server, benefiting both users and server admins.

What is a Greylist?

A greylist is a list, much like a whitelist, which allows users to be hand selected before they can fully enjoy playing on a server. New players (not on the greylist) often have features removed so that they cannot grief or cause problems.

What are the benefits of having a Greylist?

One of the key reasons to install Greylist is to prevent grief. By analysing the players before they can play, you can hand select the players that you want to allow onto your server. Greylist also offers a way to get to know who is on your server. Finding out about your players can help build the sense of community and break down tension barriers.

How does it work?

Before Greylist can work, you need to define some questions for the players to answer.

New player joins your server They are told that they need to fill out some questions in order to be placed on the greylist They enter /grey that starts the pre-defined questions They complete answering the questions

Later on a staff member logs in and is notified of Greylist applications They enter a command that lets them view the following: Name, McBans Reputation, Answers to all questions. They then use /grey allow or /grey deny to decide whether the player is put on the Greylist.

New users are put in the default PermissionsEx group. When a user is put on the Greylist, they are added to a PermissionsEx group, defined in the config. When a user is not allowed on the Greylist, they are banned.


Deity API (With a valid MYSQL connection) Vault (With a permission plugin attached)


Installation is simple. First make sure that the dependancies are working correctly. When they are just drop the .jar file in your /plugins folder and reload/restart your server. Once the server has finished reloading/restarting, you will see that a folder has been created in your plugins folder: /plugins/greylist Open up the /plugins/greylist/config.yml file and take a read. You will find the instructions to set up the config inside the document. Once thats done just reload/restart your server and all will be done!


I am working on a public release, the development of this plugin comes after months of running my own Greylisted server. If you have any questions please post them below or PM me, louiskw


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