MineIRC allows server staff to easily and securely manage the server through an IRC channel. MineIRC allows staff to dispatch commands, and help people on the server (and chat), without even logging in to the server!

Download the latest build of MineIRC: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47438843/MineIRC.jar Features:

  • Configurable IRC settings. (Channel, Network, Bot-name, Port)
  • NickServ support
  • Authentication Security - Staff must "log-in" to the bot in order to issue commands, This is to prevent un-authorized users from issuing commands to the server
  • Staff can issue commands from IRC to the server. (Supports plugin commands)
  • Links the IRC chat and server chat together. This makes it easier for staff to help players without coming on to the server.
  • Logs command issuing, login, IRC chat, and attempts to issue commands in the server console, so you have logs in case of abuse, or other situations.
  • Automatically checks for updates, too.

How do I install this plugin? Well here's a list of steps to install this plugin and configure it.

  • Step 1: Drop this plugin into the /plugins folder, you can stop and start your server again, or do /reload.
  • Step 2: After the plugin loads for the first time, It will generate two files, and one folder. The folder is in the /plugins Directory, it is named MineIRC. (/plugins/MineIRC). This folder contains two files, one named config.properties, which contains the settings for the bot (Channel, Port, Network, Bot name), the other one named irc-ops.txt, Which will be explained shortly.
  • Step 3: Make the needed changes to the config.properties, and irc-ops.txt, and reload the plugin, or restart the server.
  • Step 4: Done! The plugin should connect to the specified channel, network, and port, using the specified name as it's nickname.

How do I configure the irc-ops.txt? The format for the irc-ops.txt is really simple, but it needs to be set up correctly.

  • Here's the format: NICKNAME,PASSWORD
  • Note: The password doesn't have to be the user's minecraft or IRC password, it can be anything you, or the staff member wants.
  • Here's an example of that format: Admin23,Test23
  • So, here's an example irc-ops.txt. (Not real, I just made it up, but It will work.)
  • jca2323,hi23
  • f5r5,fr25
  • turtlexman28,turtlesarebest

How do I configure my config.properties? Here is the format:

  • bot-name=BOTNAME
  • irc-network=IRCNETWORK
  • irc-port=6667
  • irc-channel=#CHANNEL

Here's what the format means:

  • bot-name: The name of bot that will appear on the channel list. Defaults to Minecraft-Bot
  • irc-network: The network the the channel is on. Defaults to irc.esper.net
  • irc-port: The port of the irc network is running on. Defaults to 6667
  • irc-channel: The channel that the bot will join. Defaults to #changethis
  • use-nickserv: Set this to true if you want to use NickServ. Defaults to false
  • nickserv-password: The password if you use nickserv. Defaults to none.

Here's a working example of that format:

  • bot-name=MCBot
  • irc-network=irc.esper.net
  • irc-port=6667
  • irc-channel=#mcserver
  • use-nickserv=true
  • nickserv-password=mineirc

How do I issue commands from IRC?

  • Well, first you're going to need to login. How do you do this? Well, I'll show you
  • To login, private message (PM) the bot's nickname on IRC with !login insert-password-you-or-owner-made-here
  • So, for my example I would pm MCBot: !login hi23
  • It should respond in a pm with: You are now logged in!
  • Now to issue commands in the main chat type the command (and any arguments needed) prefixed with a "!". Here's an example of that: !say This is a test of issuing a command from IRC!
  • It also supports plugin commands, too.


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