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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

-Minecraft Remote Admin-

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Minecraft Remote Admin is a plugin which enables you to access your console remotely.

For the Desktop Client (including downloads) visit http:forums.bukkit.org/threads/171909/.


For the time being MRA is inactive, I haven't been busy with it in a long while and I don't know when I'm starting on it again. Sorry if you're using this plugin and are waiting for an update

Update 1.7

Last updated 18-12-2013

The update for 1.7 is currently waiting for the bukkit team to get their new logger in the api, my hands are tied until I have access to the main logger again.

Right now I've swiped the floor with some bugs I encountered and I've refactored some of the code. The update will also have the /calladmin command implemented (which I'm finishing right now).


  • Manage remote clients
  • A list of players and their ping
  • Players can see their own ping (The bukkit command /ping just shows you pong!)

This plugin uses metrics to track statistics of its usage by sending some anonymous server information to the metrics website. For more information go to the metrics page or visit http://metrics.griefcraft.com/learn-more/


Just drop the jar in your plugin folder and run your craftbukkit server. You might want to change the server key the first time (since the one it generates is a pain in the ass to type). This key is very important, it's used to encrypt the session between server and client.

Also, make sure you open port 5745 on your firewall (or any other port you wrote down in the config).


  • /myping shows a player their current and average ping
  • /calladmin is not implemented yet
  • /mra help shows you a list of available mra commands (I'm too lazy to lay em all out here)


  • minecraftRemoteAdmin: gives permission to use the /mra commands (default: OP)
  • minecraftRemoteAdmin.call: gives permission for the /calladmin command (default: true)
  • minecraftRemoteAdmin.ping: gives acces for the /myping command (default: true)


The config file will be put in your plugins folder the first time you run your craftbukkit server with the plugin installed. if you somehow manage to lose the comments I made in there. open up the plugin's jar with a zip archiver and you'll find yourself a clean config.yml

Upcoming Features

  • /calladmin command to notify remote admins if a player needs help


if you find any please leave a ticket or send me a PM

If you want a quick response to any issues you have, do not post a comment but send a PM instead! I don't check this place very often!


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