Minecraft Needs Blood!

Minecraft Needs Blood!

Have you ever thought that Minecraft Needs Blood? No. Well have it anyway!

This plugin has one simple feature, it adds a blood effect when you hit any entity and it takes damage, this includes Players, Monsters or Animals.

Setting up is easy! Just put the jar file in your 'Plugin' folder and then after a quick reboot or reload BOOM you have blood in Minecraft! No config required! No permissions, No commands simple setup! :)

Version 3.1 Has been submitted!

This plugin uses Metrics click here to read more!

Source (Updated To V3.1):

Want the source? Here You Go: https://github.com/connorlinfoot/Minecraft-Needs-Blood


Any suggestions leave them below! :)

  • <s>Config File For Options</s>
  • <s>Specific worlds</s>
  • <s>Per Entity</s>
  • <s>Better Blood</s>
  • <s>Commands</s>
  • Give me any more ideas of which I can add! :)


  • /blood <on/off> - Enable or Disable Blood
  • /blood old <on/off> - Enable or Disable Old Style Blood
  • /blood reload - Reloads Blood Config


  • blood.toggle - Access to /blood <on/off>
  • blood.old - Access to /blood old <on/off>
  • blood.reload - Access to /blood reload

Version 3.0!

  • /blood command with options to disable/enable blood and old blood

Version 2.1!

  • New Blood! Can enable old blood in config!

Version 2.0!

  • Config: Worlds - Can now put specific worlds (All for all worlds, separated by comma)
  • Added MC Stats (Can be disabled in config)
  • Specific Entities - (Put True In Config on Entities you want this to work on!)

If you have a server running this plugin PM me and your server will get featured here! :)

Here is what it looks like when hitting a cow:

Here is what it looks like when hitting a enderman:


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