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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Minecraft GUI is a plugin that allows you to communicate with the server without being in game. Currently, it allows you to get some basic informations (Server OS, IP, Uptime, Game Port, Version, Online player (count), Number of players in Whitelist, Time (Day/Night)), and to chat (From GUI to game and from game to GUI). It also informs you when someone connects in game or from GUI (players in game also receive a message saying you logged from GUI).

For your information, the "desktop" part of Minecraft GUI is coded in C+ + and uses Qt. It is compatible with Windows and Linux. I'm trying to get Mac supported too, but I can't find a way to compile on it.

Minecraft GUI is available in French and English. If you want to translate in you language, please follow this guideline.

Current Features

  • See server basic infos (Bukkit version, online users count, whitelist count, plugins list, time (day/night)
  • Server server advanced infos (IP, OS, Uptime)
  • Chat from GUI to game and from game to GUI

Upcoming Features

  • Permission system (allow an user to see/use a part of the GUI) : started
  • Notification system (on chat, for example)
  • Kick/ban from GUI
  • Console view
  • A panel to see a map (which will have to be generated externaly, with a software like mcmap), + who is where
  • An other panel to give items to players


  • /gui help - Gives you... Help ?
  • /gui create - Create an account on GUI
  • /gui lostpass - Sends you a new password by email

Currently known bugs

  • Console, Map and Give panels are empty (upcoming features !)
  • Lost pass is not available for the moment



Current version is 0.2 Alpha.

  • You can download the plugin here (tested for Bukkit #1337)
  • Binaries
    • Windows : You can download the setup from here
    • Linux : You can download the binary here
    • Mac : I can't access a Mac for now. If you can compile it, feel free to sent it to me.
  • Source : You can download (and explore !) source here


  • Version 0.2
    • Added :
      • Beginning of a permission system : admins can reload/stop the server. For the moment, you can't change someone's group
      • You can now join a server from the main window. For security reasons, your password isn't stored.
      • New preferences window : you can now change Minecraft GUI's language (and the right files are now shipped with !) and set Minecraft's executable location
      • On chat, there's now a list of online people
      • When adding a server, you can now test your settings
      • Icon was added to the client
    • Modifications :
      • The about window displays credits and informations
      • The client's password is stored hashed and sent hashed too to the server
    • Deletions :
      • %mem and %cpu were removed as I can't find the right functions for them
      • The image near server's OS was removed (as it was useless !)

You'll need to update both server and client packages.

  • Version 0.1
    • Initial Alpha


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