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DeathSwap is a simple plugin what changes the position of 2 players every 5 minutes.
During those 5 minutes, you can build a trap to kill them, for example jumping to your death only to be swapped out last second to cause your opponent to die instead.

Exactly 39.92 kB. Runs in a single Java Class. Your server TPS will not be affected by this plugin.

Make sure that you are using the Java version of Minecraft.


1. Download the plugin jar and place it in the /plugins/ folder

2. Restart the server

3. Configure or start the game with the commands below


If you found any problems, or need help at any command, comment here or add me on Discord - SrPattif#2647.

/ds players › Define the game players.
/ds start › Start the game.
/ds stop › Stop the game.
/ds time › Change the swap time.

Permission › ds.commands



📜 License:

All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated.
This plugin ("Death Swap Advanced", "Death Swap") was developed by AtomPlugins.

Distributed by SrPattif.

Code copies, fragments or uncredited reposts are prohibited by law.

🎉 Goals:



thank you guys 💖

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Thank you all!



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