• Complete implementation of the rules of chess game.
  • The plugin has in-game configuration commands.
  • The plugin uses Elo-rating system to calculate player rating.
  • Chess tiles are made from item frames and maps in them.
  • Boards have additional 8 (4 for each player) tiles for pawn promotion.
  • Boards have surrender buttons.
  • Every text and word in the plugin can be changed. You can translate the plugin into your language.
  • To make a move, all you have to do is left-click on board.
  • Multiple boards can be created.
  • Plugin has a betting system (multiple join buttons can be created for each board with or without the selected bet)
  • Hologram text with game info can be set
  • 2021-02-04_22.10.44.png
  • Adjustable chess timer.
  • 2020-09-05_10.35.37.png
  • At the start of the game, players get a levitation effect (if set), so there must be a ceiling above the boards. I recommend making those ceilings out of barrier blocks or glass blocks so other players can watch the game
  • When a player leaves the server during a game, the opponent instantly wins.
  • Boards edges can be disabled.
  • Images of chess pieces can be changed(You can replace my images with your own. Images must be 128x128 pixels, in .png format and with the same name).



  • /mchess createboard <board name>
  • /mchess removeboard <board name>
  • /mchess info
  • /mchess enableboardedges <true/false>
  • /mchess board <board name> hologram set <x> <y> <z>
  • /mchess board <board name> hologram remove
  • /mchess board <board name> info
  • /mchess board <board name> joinbutton add <button name>
  • /mchess board <board name> joinbutton remove <button name>
  • /mchess board <board name> joinbutton removebet <button name>
  • /mchess board <board name> joinbutton setbet <button name> <material> <amount>
  • /mchess board <board name> setwhitestartlocation <x> <y> <y>
  • /mchess board <board name> setblackstartlocation <x> <y> <y>
  • /mchess board <board name> setoutlocation <x> <y> <y>
  • /mchess board <board name> setcancelbutton <x> <y> <y>
  • /mchess board <board name> setlevitation <true/false>
  • /mchess board <board name> timelimit set <minutes>
  • /mchess board <board name> timelimit remove
  • /chessratings top
  • /chessratings player <player name>



Board creation: 





  1. Download MinecraftChess
  2. Move the MinecraftChess.jar into your plugins folder
  3. Run your server
  4. Use plugin commands to set up boards.

Any donation for this work and future updates will be greatly appreciated.



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