This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


MineCoupon allow you to issue coupons. For each coupon, a code is generated that can be passed to one or more users. The user can simply enter the code and then the plugin executes the specified command.

Download MineCoupon [[|Download]] github MineCoupon github Wiki Wiki

System Requirements

  • MineCoupon is ready for CraftBukkit 1.5.2 R1.0.
  • MySQL Database (recommended)


  • Copy MineCoupon.jar in your plugin directory
  • Resart your server
  • If needed: edit or replace config.yml to change the language
  • Select the database type (sqlite or mysql)
  • Fill in the accessdata for your MySQL database if selected
  • If you don't want to install PluginMetrics set allowpluginmetrics: false
  • Restart your server


Type InGame: /coupon to get help.

  • Allows users to redeem their coupon: minecoupon.use
  • Allows users to list all coupons: minecoupons.list
  • Allows users to create coupons: minecoupon.create
  • Allows users to remove coupons: minecoupon.remove
  • Check for Updates during join: minecoupon.checkupdate

(minecoupon.checkupdate is for Admins or OP's. The players with this permission will check for Updates when they join. Update won't be downloaded. It only gives a message.)


Type InGame: /coupon to get help.

  • Apply Coupon: /coupon <couponcode>
  • Create Coupon: /coupon create <applications> <valid_trough> <command> <multible_use>
  • List Coupons: /coupon list
  • Remove Coupon: /coupon remove <couponcode>
  • <applications> ... How many times the coupon can be used. (use -1 for ∞)
  • <valid_trough> .... Timeto make the coupon invalid (use second, minute, hour, day, week, month - e.g: 2week)
  • <command> ....... Command that should be executed when redeeming. (instead of SPACE use ?)
  • <multible_use> ....... Let the same player use the coupon multible times (parameter can be: true, false)
  • To get playername in command use %player%
  • To set more commands use ; - e.g: money?give?%player%100;op?%player%

e.g: /coupon create 1 1week deop?noch false This creates a coupon that can be used once. If the code is entered before 1 week after generation the command "deop noch" will be executed.

Information MineAdmin Collects

In order to offer some comfort features the plugin needs to collect data. In this part we will disclose all types of information collected by MineAdmin.

Check for Updates feature

Every time a permitted user enters the server MineAdmin checks if a newer version is available.

  • Collected information: Pluginversion
  • Information gets transmitted to: inapp.xtrsource.com
  • The Webapp generates an answer (a simple string) that is read by the plugin. Nothing of the transmitted information is stored on our servers.
  • To disable this function remove the permission (minecoupon.checkupdate) or set allowcheck_update: false in the config file.
Plugin Metrics

MineAdmin uses PluginMetrics in order to let us operate effectively and provide you the best plugins, services and experiences we can.

  • PluginMetrics is a standard library that is also used by many other plugins. It collects anonymus data and transmitts it to mcstats.org.
  • The collected data is displayed under: http://mcstats.org/plugin/MineCoupon
  • To disable this library visit the PluginMetrics folder and set opt-out: true in the config file. (setting allowpluginmetrics to false in MineCoupon config. will prevent MineCoupon of creating a PluginMetrics folder and using the library if there are no other plugins - e.g. Essentials, LWC, dynmap, Vault, AuthMe, ChestShop, LogBlock - using PluginMetrics installed.)

Where do I get help?

  • Create a ticket here at Bukkit (I'm looking forward to give you more options)


  • German: Download
  • Spanish: Download (translated by yNeolh)
  • Dutch: Download (translated by smeagleee)
  • Simplified Chinese: Download (translated by zestybaby)
  • Romanian: Download (translated by Florinmohican)

ToDo List

  • Make create command more userfriendly


The old command /mc isn't used any more. Now it is /coupon.

Supports MySQL and SQLite


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