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  • _ForgeUser7947984 created this issue Jun 5, 2013

    I love the idea of having a multiple currency economy, and I was pretty excited when I found out that this plugin has come back from the dead.

    However, I can't find any shop plugins that support multiple currencies (mainly because they all rely on Vault and the creator of Vault has steadfastly refused to implement multiple currency support). This means that multiple currency economies are restricted to players manually sending money, rather than working through features such as shops.
    Can you build in a chest shop feature to MineConomy that supports the multiple currencies? For example, if you were to base it off iConomy ChestShop, I could see it working like this:
    1.) Place sign over chest
    2.)  a.) Line 1: [Owner's Name]
    b.)       Line 2: [Currency Type Accepted]
    c.)       Line 3: B [buy price] : [sell price] S
    d.)       Line 4: [Amount of Item] : [Item Name or ID]

    Alternatively, instead of building chest shop support in your own plugin, the creator of Vault has stated that he will accept a pull request to implement multiple currency support (he just doesn't want to do it himself).
    If you did this (and I have no idea how hard this would be), then other shop plugins would be able to update to support multiple currencies themselves.

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