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  • _ForgeUser8494594 created this issue Mar 15, 2013

    Just a few enhancements that would make for a more real life experience and take MineConomy to the next level of awesome.

    1. Serve side configuration of automatic bank accounts
        - Server can specify automatic player inclusion in some bank accounts

    2. Direct Deposits
        - Players can specify what percentage of their income goes into which accounts and what percentage stays in their pocket.
        - Server side defaults can be overridden by player commands.

    3. An Overdraft Account
        - A server side configurable bank account
           - Server can configure minimum percentage of player income that goes into the account up to a max amount
           - Server can configure if this account type is mandatory or not
        - Players can not transfer money out of this account
           - Only drawn from if a vault transaction overdraws the pocket account
        - Players can transfer money into this account

    4. A Savings Account
        - Players can deposit funds to this account as often as they like
        - Server can configure how often withdraws can be made from the account

    5. Shared accounts
        - Multiple players can open an account together
        - Primary account holder can add/remove other members

    6. Account specific tax/interest rates and intervals
        - Can be per bank
        - Can be per account type
        - Can also be for pocket change

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