MinecartRevolution 1.0.0


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    Mar 30, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.4-R1.0


  • There are sound and particle effects for serveral control blocks (config toggle)
  • Chunks with minecarts loads automatically (config toggle)
  • New control sign: Effect sign for playing an effect
  • New control sign: Crafting sign
  • New block/sign place API
  • There are control block and -sign destroying messages
  • You can define all control block and -sign destroying messages
  • You can define more than one effect on a minecart
  • N, S, E and W are now correct
  • On Item-Inventory-Sensors, you can define more thean one item id (ID1,ID2 ...)
  • New sign converter function: MinecartMania-sensor-signs to MinecartRevolution-sensor-signs
  • New control sign: [TrainStation], the station sign of TrainCarts (also with an obsidian-block)
  • You can use the elevator downstairs
  • Now you have to use '+' and '-' for the [Chest] sign. When you hit /mr patchregion the old signs should patched to the new ones
  • Now you can use "Add" and "Remove" for the [Farm] sign, than the minecart is in the farm modus and will continue farming until it reaches a "Remove" sign