MinecartRevolution Beta 1.7.0


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    Mar 24, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.3-R0.2


  • Addon-system: The following classes were moved in the package "de.MRTeam.MinecartRevolution.Addon": ControlBlock, ControlSign, MrCommandExecuter
  • Addon-system: New method: "reset(Minecart minecart)", send if the minecart isn't on a control block/next to a control sign
  • New command: /st <STATION> saves STATION.
  • New intersection term: st-STATION (see the /st command)
  • New sensor term: st-STATION (see the /st command)
  • New permission: minecartrevolution.getv
  • New permission: minecartrevolution.reload
  • New command: /mr patchregion [RADIUS], this command patches all MinecartMania-signs to the new MinecartRevolution-signs
  • Auto path finding system
  • New control sign for auto path finding system: Descent as the start
  • New control sign for auto path finding system: Destination as the goal
  • Fixed: When a player leave while his cart is lock, he will die, you can disable this in the config
  • Fixed: Hold stays over reload.
  • Fixed: Lock message wasn't colored.
  • "killNearbyEntities" changed to "pushNearbyEntities"
  • New Block/Sign action system
  • New addon register system
  • New lock save system
  • You can see the download counter in /mr info
  • If you write "Enter" in the third line of a station sign, it'll drive when a player enters it
  • If a minecart with a player is on an intersection block without a sign, you can punch it to choose the drive direction
  • New /mr changelog design
  • Fixed: A MaxSpeed-Bug
  • New intersection direction: EJ for ejecting