MinecartRevolution Beta 1.6.0


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    Mar 20, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.3-R0.2


  • New Addon system
  • Addon-system: You can use the MinecartRevolution libary
  • Addon-system: You can create new control blocks
  • Addon-system: You can create new control signs
  • Addon-system: You can create new /mr commands
  • Addon-system: You can see your installed addons with /mr addons get
  • Addon-system: You can see all installable addons with /mr addons check
  • Addon-system: You can install an addons with /mr addons install <ADDON>
  • Addon-system: The addons search for a new version on OP join
  • Addon-system: Addon API for addon writers
  • Bugfix: The grab block don't grab players or mobs who are in a minecart
  • Bugfix: Now the "Punch the minecart..." message, only comes, when a player enter a minecart
  • You can define a maximal farm radius in the config
  • New sign: You can eject the player at a [Eject] sign
  • New sign: Command executor sign, this sign executes a commands, that is defined on the sign.
  • New Command: /mr stopcarts, stops all minecarts in your current world
  • You can use Essentials GroupManager
  • You can define EVERY message
  • Better no control block permission
  • Help pages
  • You will always get the next help page
  • Auto config update system
  • New intersection term: redstone power