Automatically backup your worlds!

Version: v0.4.8.4
CraftBukkit: 1597 (1337)

I've taken the reins of ThisIsAreku's MineBackup. This is not a simple fork and fix to make it work for the latest recommended builds. This is an almost complete rewrite.The only things [mostly] unchanged are the code for configuration and automatic backup deletion. (see changes coming soon below)


  • automatic world backup
  • can copy or compess (zip) world directories
  • pauses when no players are online (does one more after everyone leaves)
  • brief pause after the "backup started" message

The backup process happens almost completely separate from the main server thread. World saving must happen synchronously, but the files are copied or zipped in another thread.

As long as your server has enough processing power or multiple cores, you shouldn't notice more than a second or two of lag even if your worlds are several hundreds of megabytes.

If your processor can't handle the zipping process or your server has a low amount of memory (512mb and several plugins), then you need to disable compression.

Backups will pause when there are no people on the server. After the last player leaves, one more backup will run (not immediately, by scheduled delay).


Just one technically. Starts a manual backup. Requires minebackup.manual but defaults to OPs using SuperPerms. /minebackup | /backup | /mbck


Everything else should be self-explanatory. These values are in seconds.

  • time.interval is how often the backup will run
  • time.delay is how long to wait to run the first backup after server starts

Ignore options.backup-plugins. I should have pulled it out. It doesn't do anything yet.

Download MineBackup Plugin (version in filename)
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