With this plugin you allow users to form Pairs. These Pairs are made of one Miner and one Leader. The Miner mines Blocks and all Block which are included in the configurable filter will not be dropped, but instead be added to the Leaders inventory. This provides and efficent way to let someone else Mine for you. The Leader does have the possibility to modify the filter, aswell he is able to request a switch within the current Pair. This plugin in based on a forum request found here.


  • Form Pairs.
  • Filter certain mined Blocks.
  • Invitations will be automaticly denied after 120 seconds.
  • Filterable Blocks:
  • - Coal
  • - Iron
  • - Diamond
  • - Gold


  • /mc-invite <Player> - Invite a Player to form a Pair.
  • /mc-accept - Accept the oldest pending invitation.
  • /mc-deny - Deny the oldest pending invitation.
  • /mc-leave - Leave your current Pair.
  • /mc-toggle - Toggles the recieve of invitations.
  • /mc-filter - List all Block in the Pair-filter.
  • /mc-filter-add <Material> [Material] [Material] ... - Adds all given Materials to the filter. If no Materials are given it will display all addable Materials.
  • /mc-filter-remove <Material> [Material] [Material] ... - Removes all given Materials from the filter. If no Materials are given it will display all removeable Materials.
  • /mc-info - Displays and information about the plugin and all the commands.
  • /mc-switch-request - Request a switch between Miner and Leader within the current Pair.
  • /mc-switch-accept - Accept the switch request.
  • /mc-switch-deny - Deny the switch request.


  • mc.* - Grants access to all Mine-Collector commands.
  • mc.create.* - Grants access to all Pair creating commands.
  • mc.filter.* - Grants access to all filter commands.
  • mc.switch.* - Grants access to all switch commands.
  • mc.info - Grants access to /mc-info.
  • mc.toggle - Grants access to /mc-toggle.
  • mc.create.invite - Grants access to /mc-invite.
  • mc.create.accept - Grants access to /mc-accept.
  • mc.create.deny - Grants access to /mc-deny.
  • mc.create.leave - Grants access to /mc-leave.
  • mc.filter.filter - Grants access to /mc-filter.
  • mc.filter.add - Grants access to /mc-filter-add.
  • mc.filter.remove - Grants access to /mc-filter-remove.
  • mc.switch.request - Grants access to /mc-switch-request.
  • mc.switch.accept - Grants access to /mc-switch-accept.
  • mc.switch.deny - Grants access to /mc-switch-deny.


There is no configuration yet.

To do list

  • Add a config.yml
  • Add more filterable Blocks.


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