Is your server stuck because of excessive TNT or too many mobs or ground items?

Well ServerSaver is the plugin for you!

What does it do?

Server saver runs on server start-up and deletes all primed TNT and ground items. ServerSaver now cleans hostile mobs such as: Spiders, Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers

By running on start-up ServerSaver completes its job before a player can join, giving the server time to return to normal.

Why use ServerSaver?

Well if you have made a giant WorldEdit consisting of TNT and your buddy just so happened to accidentally light the TNT. The explosions of all the TNT will most likely lag your server out and even crash it . After that happens your server is still laggy because even though your server shut down there is still TNT going off and tons of block drops on the ground. Clears mobs that are spawned using commands or spawn eggs.

ServerSaver runs on server start-up to clear all of these laggy entities and it then returns your server to normal.


  • Drag ServerSaver.jar into your plugin directory. (Located /plugins)
  • Start up your server.
  • ServerSaver will then display in console that is is working and cleaning your server.
  • ServerSaver will display the number of items, TNT and Hostile Mobs it removed.

After You Run It

You can delete or disable the plugin after you run it.

It really only needs to be run one time per stuck server.

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