MidiRadio - The anywhere you go midi player!

What is MidiRadio?

MidiRadio attempts to imitate songs in game by sending tuned in players note block sounds. MidiRadio is inspired by and expands on the original works of Protected in their plugin MidiBanks, now managed by jfmherokiller.

Rather than play note sounds through note blocks however, MidiRadio streams the players individually note sounds when they are tuned in to the radio, regardless of where they are at.

How do I use MidiRadio?

MidiRadio is very easy to setup in its current stage. Just stick some midi files into the plugin's data folder and it will start playing next time the server starts up. By default players are not tuned in to the radio - however typing /tune in will quickly have them listening to the waves in no time. You can opt out too by using /tune out.

Players with the midiradio.play permission can use /play <song> to change the song too!

Video demonstation:

You can see MidiRadio in action on server.minesworn.com. Just use /tune in when you join.

At the moment MidiRadio is still in its infancy and I'd love to expand on it by adding features like playlists, or multiple radio stations however they might be limited by how much time I have. Also, please do share any good midi files you find that work well with this plugin - keep in mind though that note blocks aren't suitable for playing long notes.

Check out the source on Github here!


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