DragonSlayer v0.3.0


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    Jun 17, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8


v0.3.0 Changelog

Note: You'll have to remove your config.yml and let it generate a new one!

  • Complete config overhaul (layout, reading, writing)
  • Complete command overhaul (50% less code + added and changed commands)
  • Complete permission overhaul
  • Fix: having an invalid UUID will no longer give errors on /dragonslayer
  • Fix: removed hardcoded space between prefix and player name
  • Fix: no more multiple prefixes (?)
  • Fix: no egg drop chance if the dragon creates a portal (because the portal includes an egg)
  • New: most messages are configurable
  • New: wildcards in those messages: $slayer, $reward, $dragon
  • New: ability to disable the prefix
  • New: ability to disable ender dragon griefing
  • New: dragon growl sound effect for all the online players when the dragon spawns
  • New: configurable dragon (health, name, damage, exp)
  • New: new message if the new dragon slayer is the same person as the previous dragon slayer

Spawn timer resets every reload/restart