Planned Features

What follows is a list of planned features for MGLib. This list is neither static nor complete, and will be revised quite frequently.

  • Support for localization of the library itself (both via built-in locales and ones supplied by the user) Implemented in 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Possible support for minigame localization Implemented in 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Native team support Implemented in 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT
  • More intuitive rollback system (so that world events may be rolled back) Partially implemented in 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Random arena generation Planned for 0.4.0
  • Arena management overhaul. The aim is to make arenas object-oriented. Planned for 0.4.0
  • Integrated debugging for the library Planned for 0.4.0
  • Specialized scoreboard API
  • Possible entity navigation API
  • Integration of GameMode.SPECTATE
  • Possible integration of vanilla world borders, depending on how Mojang implements them
  • More to come in the future!


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