MinigamesLib: Open SkyWars

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

MinigamesLib: Open SkyWars

Open SkyWars recoded with MGLib. Usually skywars is fought on islands where you start with some gear in a chest and build up your base or just get some weapons and attack others.

<color red>> MGSkyWars v1.5.1 works with MinigamesLib 1.12, please update if you use the new MinigamesLib version.<</color>>


You need to install MinigamesLib for the plugin to work

Also, you'll need Vault for economy rewards to work.

  1. /sw setmainlobby set the main lobby where all join signs will be
  2. /sw setlobby [arena] set the waiting lobby
  3. /sw setspawn [arena] will give you a dragon egg which you can rightclick multiple times to set multiple spawns
  4. /sw setbounds [arena] low sets the lower left corner of the map
  5. /sw setbounds [arena] high sets the higher right corner of the map (so that you got a cuboid)
  6. /sw savearena [arena]

You can now set a join sign (optionally). Lines:

  1. SkyWars
  2. [arena]

Here's a small help image I drew some time really quick for you to understand how boundaries should be set up:


/swShows all possible commands
/sw setspawn <arena>Sets the spawn point.mgskywars.setup
/sw setlobby <arena>Sets the lobby point.mgskywars.setup
/sw setmainlobbySets the main lobby point.mgskywars.setup
/sw setbounds <arena> [low/high]Sets the low/high boundaries of the map.mgskywars.setup
/sw savearena <arena>Saves the arena.mgskywars.setup
/sw setmaxplayers <arena> <count>Sets the max players allowed to join to given count.mgskywars.setup
/sw setminplayers <arena> <count>Sets the min players needed to start to given count.mgskywars.setup
/sw setarenavip <arena> <true/false>Sets whether arena needs permission to join.mgskywars.setup
/sw removearena <arena>Deletes an arena from config.mgskywars.setup
/sw removespawn <arena> <count>Deletes a spawn from config.mgskywars.setup
/sw join <arena>Joins the arena.
/sw leaveLeaves the arena.
/sw start <arena>Force-starts the arena.mgskywars.start
/sw stop <arena>Force-stops the arena.mgskywars.stop
/sw listLists all arenas.
/sw reloadReloads the config.


There are a few config files (config.yml, classes.yml, arenas.yml, messages.yml, stats.yml) which are mostly self explanatory. Be aware that guns.yml is not used in this minigame!

If you use the chests.yml feature, be aware that chests are only getting generated when you join the game and open one, not after you save the arena.

  default_max_players: 4 # default amount of maximum players that are allowed to join an arena
  default_min_players: 2 # default amount of minimum players that can join an arena
  lobby_countdown: 30 # amount of time in seconds to countdown in lobby
  ingame_countdown: 10 # amount of time in seconds to countdown ingame before the final start
    economy: true
    economy_reward: 10 # You'll need Vault for economy to work
    item_reward: false
    item_reward_ids: 264*1;11*1 # 264 being the id, you can specify an amount (the '*1') and enchantments (e.g. 264#DAMAGE_ALL:2*64 would be sharpness 2 on a stack of diamonds)
    command_reward: false
    command: pex user <player> add SKILLZ.*
  global_arenas_size: 30 # not used in this minigame

You can also specify data on an item reward. If you would want 32 enchanted red wool blocks, you'd adjust the config to: 35:14#DAMAGE_ALL:1*32, where :14 is the data for red, 35 the id for wool, and the rest as explained above.


The chests.yml feature is optional, normally you can just fill the chests with stuff before saving. If you want them to be loaded dynamically in the game when someone opens a chest though, you can also use the chests.yml. Just set enabled: false to true and edit the chests. Be sure that the percentages add up to 100.

Be aware that chests are only getting generated when you join the game and open one, not after you save the arena.

Default chests.yml: (Here's how you use the item markup:

  enabled: false
      items: 5*64;5*64;5*64;5*64;262*64;278*1
      percentage: 5
      items: 5*64;262*64;267*1
      percentage: 20
      items: 5*64;262*64
      percentage: 25
      items: 5*64
      percentage: 50


There are 2 default classes with some startup gear (including bows and armor). You can adjust these in classes.yml.




[Portuguese] Video tutorial by GamesTdai:
[English] Video tutorial by Numero Uno:
[Portuguese] G4mem4x:
[Spanish] FeerBukkit:
[Spanish] Another tutorial:

Additional Information

Github Repo


Have fun :)


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