~ This plugin was turned into a bukkit project as requested by Zahach

NoPermMessage is a bukkit plugin the prevents players from seeing a different message each time they type in a command of which they don't have access (no permission).

Current features:

  • The ability to setup a global noPerm message.
  • The ability to set custom messages for certain messages instead of the global one.
  • In-game plugin configuration.
  • Color formatting support.
  • Not color or case sensitive.


To work, NoPermMessage actually replaces messages that appear in the chat when you don't have permission for a certain command. So, to set it up you'll have to put every message that appears (approx. 1 perPlugin). In a result, the first setup is quite annoying but when you're done just remember to add in the noPerm message for every plugin you add. Knowing that most plugins have the same, configuring this plugin isn't that long.
I suggest being de-opped on your server and having a list of the plugins on your server + your console to configure NoPermMessage. Test each plugin one at a time and input the /addnps [message] command using the console.
To add a custom message for certain messages, you'll have to do that in the config. It's self-explanatory.


- See the current configuration (the global message + replaced messages).
/setnps [MessageWithColorSupport]
- Set the nps message.
/addnps [messageNotCaseOrColorSensitive]
- adds a message to the list of messages you want to replace with the global one.
/delnps [index]
- deletes a message from the list of replaced messages.
/nps reload
- reloads the plugin.


nps.reloadAbility to use /nps reload
nps.seeAbility to use /nps
nps.setAbility to use /setnps
nps.addAbility to use /addnps
nps.deleteAbility to use /delnps

Example Config:

version: 0.0.1
globalmessage: '&cUnfortunately you can''t do that.'
language: english #don't worry about this
#These are all the messages that will be replaced

- You don't have permission to use the mcore command.
- You don't have permission.
- You don't have permission to do this.
- You do not have sufficient permissions
- You do not have sufficient permissions.
- you do not have permission to teleport to war hub.
- You're not a VIP so you don't have permission.
- I'm sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command. Please contact the server administrators if you believe that this is in error.

    msg1: #You can put whatever name you want here
        final: '&cYou must buy member first!'
        original: You lack the permissions to enter this gate.
        final: '&6This feature is still in developpement!'
        original: This gate does not point anywhere :P



Any ideas that could possibly be added? Submit a ticket or leave a comment!


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