This plugin should be still working on newer builds, so please try before asking.

A simple plugin which allows you to change the server's default messages which will be displayed during login, logoff, server down, kick, server full and more to whatever you want.

If you would like assistance in person, you can find me in IRC as Zach443 here.


Based upon FrozenBrains MessageChanger.


Will create a config.yml file on first run in the plugins/MessageChangerLite directory. Edit the messages as you like and restart or reload the server to make them active.

%pName is the playername
%world is the worldname
%msg is the default mesage
You can use colorcodes from here

The example config contains already 2 permission nodes for displaying custom messages based on permissions.
If the EVENT like SERVER_FULL doesn't exist, for example in permnode1 the plugin will fall back to the messages configured in the default section.


Looking at the sample / default config:

  • permnode1 is messagechanger.message.permnode1
  • permnode2 is messagechanger.message.permnode2

Of course you can call permnode1 and permnode2 whatever you like.
NOTE: Permissions will be parsed based on the categoryOrder config node.
As soon as the plugin finds a permission it will try that category, if it doesn't find a message than it will fall back to the default!

Sample Config

# MessageChangerLite 2.0 by [Don Redhorse]
# Configuration File for MessageChangerLite.
# For detailed assistance please visit:

#------- Default Configuration

# Configuration Version
configVer: '2.0'

# Error Log Enabled
# Enable logging to server console
# Warning and Severe will still be logged.
errorLogEnabled: true

# Debug Log Enabled
# Enable more logging.. could be messy!
DebugLogEnabled: false

# Check for Update
# Will check if there is a new version of the plugin out.
checkForUpdate: true

# Auto Update Config
# This will overwrite any changes outside the configuration parameters!
autoUpdateConfig: false

# Save Config
# This will overwrite any changes outside the configuration parameters!
# Only needed if you use ingame commands to change the configuration.
saveConfig: false

#-------- Plugin Configuration

# You can use the following variables:
# %pName = DisplayName of the Player
# %world = World the player is in
# %msg = default message

# Order in which the categories are parsed
categoryOrder: [permnode1, permnode2]

        KICK_FULL: '%msg'
        SERVER_STOP: 'Testing the server...'
        KICK_WHITELIST: '%msg'
        PLAYER_QUIT: '%msg'
        KICK_KICK_LEAVEMSG: '%msg'
        KICK_KICK_REASON: '%msg'
        PLAYER_JOIN: 'Hello &b%pName&f  in world %world'
        CHANGED_WORLD: "Welcome traveler from %fromWorld in %world"
        KICK_BANNED: '%msg'
        SERVER_STOP: 'Oh well...'
        PLAYER_JOIN: 'Welcome the admin'


  • Q: Join and Leave messages are not working, the rest is.
    A: You need to turn off Join / Leave messages in AdminCMD
  • Q: I see strange results with the permission nodes. Why?
    A: I do parse the permission nodes in the categoryOrder, but I fall back to default if a permission node doesn't have a message.
    So I don't check for more than ONE permission node!


  • Post any requests in the comments :)



  • fixed an NPE if some of the default messages where missing

V 2.9

  • added permissions check for messagechanger internally, sigh..

V 2.8

  • fixed some issues with metrics

V 2.7

  • fixed another bug introduced by bukkit

V 2.6

  • fixed an issue which caused server crashes do to an bukkit issue

V 2.5

V 2.4

  • ready for 1.1. R5

V 2.3

  • added categoryOder config node which determines the order the message categories are processed.
    You don't need to have the default category in, this will always be done last by default!
    If you let your config autoupdate please remove the default category if you don't want it!

V 2.2

  • added message displayed to player when he changes worlds

V 2.0

  • added permission support for messages
  • add log and config classes
  • updateable config
  • update check

v 1.2
Added %world variable

v 1.1

DisplayName is being used as Playername

v 1.0

Ininital Release



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