Message Craft

MessageCraft is a simple, easy to use spigot plugin that introduces custom server messages in an easy to use manner. 
Key Features
  • Customizable player messages (join / quit).
  • Config Defined Localization.
  • Supported Locales (en)


This installation process is designed to be as simple as possible, Please make sure your server is not running while you install this plugin as this can cause issues.
  • Set up your server of choice. (Learn How)
  • Download the latest version.
  • Place the MessageCraft.jar file into your server's plugin folder.
  • Start your server.
  • Configure your configuration file (config.yml) to your taste.
  • Enjoy!


Auto Updater
This plugin features an auto updater, if you would like to disable it please change the configuration to 'false'
auto-update: false


Metrics Collection

By default, we do collect metrics, metrics are used by developers in order to get a better idea of what features, what settings our users like to use the most. This makes it easier for the developers to tailor updates based on which settings most users use by default. If you would like to disable metrics please set the configuration to 'false'
use-metrics: false


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