This executes a command when defined message found in chat-screen (and other source: chat-input, console-input, server log). It allows you to link commands to action performed by another plugin (when this plugin send to player a specified message).

This plugin is created according to requests at and


  • Execute command as player or server console when required message found in chat-screen;
  • Cooldown for executing the rule command;
  • Regex (and other types of string comparison) supported;
  • Using part (words) from original message in command to execute.

Why I need this plugin?

  • If you use a plugin and going to add new actions to it. For example plugin types a congratulation message but it not supports a reward. You can use this plugin to execute command and give money to your player.
  • If you need to turn chat message to commands. For example you need to type "please teleport me home" instead of "/home" :)
  • You need to handle servHow it works

How to use MessageCommander

MessageCommander uses multiple rule definition files. It's a "YAML" fie (*.yml) located in "MessageCommander/rules" folder. You can edit (or create new) this files manually. Every rule based on some parameters:

  • Type— defines the method which will used to determine text in message (before display it on screen). There are five types:
    • EQUAL — case insensitive compare (Example: "Aaaa Bbbb" will be equal to "aaaa bbbb")
    • CONTAINS — find substring in input-message
    • START — check if message starts with provided text
    • END — check if message ends with provided text
    • REGEX — using regular expression to find matches
  • source — you can link any rule to any source:
    • ALL — any source
    • CHAT_PLAYER — Message typed by player in chat
    • CHAT_CONSOLE — Message (command) typed in server console
    • CHAT_MESSAGE — Message received by player in chat (message could be sent by player, plugin, mod...)
    • LOG — message in log (by plugin). Don't forget this message will include plugin name prefix ("[MessageCommander]", for example).
  • message-mask — defines input mask, that will used to find matches in original message
  • command-line — defines the command line that will executed. Use placeholder %player% to point to players name.
  • execute-as-console — if "true" command (provided in command-line) will executed by server console.
  • cooldown-time — time defined in format similar to time format used in ReActions plugin. Cooldown used to set up time-limit executing commands using this rule.


  type: EQUAL 
  source: ALL
  message-mask: help me
  command-line: say %player% need %word1%!
  execute-as-console: ture
  cooldown-time: 3s


This plugin requires ProtocoLib installed on your server.

Commands and Permissions

There's no command or permissions yet.

Update checker

MessageCommander includes a update checker that use your server internet connection. Update checker will every hour check the to find new released version of plugin and you can easy disable it: just set parameter "check-updates" to "false" in config.yml.


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