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Are you running an RPG server? Or simply a server that needs custom shops in a both fun and simple way? This plugin allows you to create, configure and remove villager merchants with only one command! You can change the colour of your shop, pick a custom name and make custom trades and offers using any items you want!

Why pick this plugin over other villager trade plugins? Simple... Plugins like 'Shopkeeper' have way too many unnecessary features. Stuff that you'll never need. While this plugin has limited, but very useful features. It's the perfect plugin for your RPG server or maybe just for simple and easy-to-setup shops for your survival world.


merchant.admin - Allows a player to create, configure and remove merchants.

How to use:

Making a merchant:

1. Place down a chest. and put a sign on top of it saying:

First line: "[Merchant]"

Second line: "Merchant name" - supports colour- and formatting codes

2. Now do /merchant while looking at the chest and it should turn into a merchant. The merchant will have no trades when you make it but I'll quickly demonstrate to you how to configure the trades:

Addding custom trades:

Hold shift and right-click the merchant to open the merchant's trade-inventory which should include no trades at the moment. Let's change that!

You make the trades by putting items into the inventory like this. Each vertical lane represents an offer. Now let's make some trades!

trade example

As you can see I've made two trades. One offering an iron sword for 25 gold nuggets and another one offering a diamond axe for 4 ingots and 10 nuggets. Now all there's left to do is to close down the inventory and the trades will be saved.

Change villager colour:

Shift and right-click the merchant with a coloured piece of wool.

Colour options:

Colours Villager

Removing Merchants:

1. Do /merchant while looking at a merchant to turn it back into a chest.

2. Simply break the chest

Video Tutorial:

If you're too lazy to read my description on how to use the plugin above... Here's a video for you:

I am a developer:

I made an api for doing custom villager trades. Here's a link!

And that's pretty much it! Please leave feedback, suggestions and bug reports down below!


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