Curing World Hunger, One Seed At A Time!

What is "MelonSFG"?
MelonSFG does what it says on the tin, no trademark infringement intended: It allows Melon Seeds to be dropped by tall grass. You can adjust the chance of it dropping and how much it drops in the configuration file, but aside from that we have tried to keep it simple. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below!

This plugin has one permission only, due to the incredibly simple purpose:

  • MelonSFG.use - Grants ability to get Melon seeds from tall grass, enabled by default.

Source Code
You can see the wonderful code of our plugin by checking out our Bleeding Edge source, which houses new and experiemental features, or our Release source, which is what the current release is compiled from. We do not hide any of the code in this plugin from you and we actively support OSI standards; the plugin itself being under a MIT licence.

1.3.1 is supported!


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