This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



Minecraft's PVP is simple, and it also isn't that fun. What this Plugin strives to do is make the Fighting better, more satisfying, more strategic. How?

  1. Parrying – When you right click, for 1 second all incoming melee damage is negated. It also gives the attacker a debuff so that they do 75% damage on their next swing forcing a parry and (negating spammers.)
  2. Slower attacks – So that you can actually parry. The fastest weapon swings at .8 seconds (sword) the slowest at 1.2(Mace)
  3. Heavy attacks – The ability to throw someone's parrying timing off and really punish spammers. They take .2 seconds longer to windup, but do 1.5x damage on hit.
  4. New weapons – Why? For variety as you can now use a mace, a battleaxe, or a vanilla sword.
  5. Shields – Why? Again, for variety and for some realism. It allows people to block arrows and works like a parry. THEY DO BREAK.
  6. Help us show Mojang what they should do with their combat and support us! :D

In this plugin you get more weapons, and shields. It changes the way armor acts agents melee attacks. It make your swing slower with a weapon, so it is more realistic. You can parry (Block) hits, but it will damage your weapon. Shields and parries only cover 180 degrees in front of the player. You use shields and parrying by right clicking with your weapon. If someone parries or shields your attack you get weakness 2 for 2.5 seconds. This will really change the way you fight in minecraft. With this new plugin you can fight from 2-30 minutes instead of 15 seconds. It is more skill based then armor and weapon based. MeleeMastery adds 4 new weapons and 4 shields. An iron and diamond mace and an iron and diamond battleaxe. The hit speeds are different and the amount of armor penetration is different. It adds a wood, iron, gold, and diamond shields.


None. At this time there are no permissions and probably will not be any.


The config allows you to choose the spawn for being killed by melee.


/meleemastery - Get information on the plugin.

New recipes (It does not create items just replaces them.)

Diamond BattleAxe

Diamond Mace

Diamond Shield

Iron BattleAxe

Iron Mace

Iron Shield

Wooden Shield


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