Wish you could jump around your world from mountain to mountain, over giant lakes and to pretty much anywhere? Then this is the plugin for you. When a player jumps it will magnify the force they have jumped by allowing them to go higher and further. Unlike other Super Jumping plugins that just give you a set velocity upwards, this plugin can magnify your velocity in all 3 dimensions meaning you can leap forward great distances.

The plugin is enabled and disabled via the /mj command. The amount that a player's jump is magnified can be defined by a number from 1-9 after the command. The default is 3.

For example, /mj 5 will make their jumps 5 times as big.


  • Allows you to jump, high far and wide.
  • Literally magnifies jumping force so running sprints will allow you to jump far further than a normal jump!


  • /mj - toggles mega jump on and off with the default jump factor.
  • /mj - Tooggle MegaJump
  • /mj <user> - Toggle MegaJump for another user
  • /mj <amplifier> - sets your MegaJump, jump factor. If MegaJump is not enabled it will also enable it for you.
  • /mj <user> <amplifier> - sets another user's MegaJump, jump factor. If MegaJump is not enabled it will also enable it for them.


  • megajump.jumper - allows user to use MegaJump commands and the MegaJump feature.

Known Bugs

  • On Minecraft 1.2 you cannot perform Mega Jumps above height 128


Making a donation is totally voluntary, however if you wish to donate I am happy to accept. I don't expect everyone using my plugin to donate however if your using my plugin (or any developer's plugins for that matter) on a server where you too receive donations then how about considering passing along some of that love to the people who make the plugins that make your server possible? I wouldn't expect people who don't make money from the use of the plugin to donate but all donations are appreciated and would help speed up development and get feature requests completed. If you would like to donate to me then you can use the button below:



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