MegaCatch - Adds extra fishing mechanics to Minecraft Version - 0.8.0


MegaCatch adds extra catch events to minecraft. If, after 10 seconds, you didn't catch a fish, you will get a random catch event, ranging from catching a fish to saving a pig. If you manage to catch a fish between 5 and 10 seconds, you will get 4 fish in one! Bonus!

Be advised that I would hope to eventually code this plugin from scratch to use the new bukkit events, which would make the entire plugin much more bug-free and configurable.

Note: This plugin is entirely based on BigCatch. Without work by spoonikle this plugin would never be possible. Check out the old version here.

Get MegaCatch

To download the latest release click on Download in the top right corner. To get older releases or other downloads, click the files tab at the top of the page.

Source Code

I love open source. If you think you can do a better job than me, check out the source code and be sure to request any changes you make to be pulled into the master! Source Code

If you want to watch the development of the next version, (1.0.0) you can check out the new branch:

Note on Commenting

If your comment is soliciting a response, please put it in the forums. 'm hoping the comments section can be for general (And hopefully good =P) commentary. Note that if you are requesting a bug fix or any code change, use the tickets system.



  • Updated for 1.1-R6 =D
  • Updated some deprecated methods


  • Fixed entity spawning to use bukkit api.
  • Renamed to MegaCatch


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