Lang File

Change the strings in quotations to your native Language then PM me back the changes!

Version: "Version"
Author: "Created By:"
Rent: "Rent"
Rented: "Rented"
For_Sale: "ForSale"
Invalid_Arguments: "Invalid Number of Arguments, try again."
Sign_Created: " Sign Created."
Sign_Destroyed: " Sign Destroyed."
Not_For_Rent: " Residence not for Rent."
Already_Rented: " Residence Already Rented, Sign Created."
Already_For_Rent: " Residence Already For Rent, Sign Created."
No_Permission_Create: " You Do Not have Permission To Create This Sign."
No_Permission_Destroy: " You Do Not have Permission To Destroy This Sign."
Already_For_Sale:" Residence Already For Sale, Sign Created.
No_Amount: " No Amount Specified, Try Again."
Not_Owner: " You Are Not The Owner Of This Residence."
Not_Renter: " You Aren't The Player Renting This Residence."
Available: "Available"
Evicted: " Evicted "
No_Longer_For_Rent: " is no longer for Rent."
Unable_To_Rent: " Unable to Rent, Try Again."
Sold: "Sold!"


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