MCWorld is a plugin that allows server admins or anyone (with permission) to control multiple worlds in a go.

GitHub: Pull requests are allowed! :D


  • Allows individual management of worlds
  • Every information of the world stored and saved in MCWorld folder
  • Warps!
  • Easy to use!
  • Custom /mcw help for easier understanding!
  • Permissions enabled!

Change Log


  • Major Bug Fix: Loads unintended world at start


  • New Feature: /mcw kicktoworld [worldname]
  • New Feature: Ability to load multiple worlds at start of server with config.yml
  • Bug Fixes: End Portal (I Hope)
  • Added dummy command /mcw tpi for multiple profile world teleportation.
  • Moved to Maven. There might be bugs.


  • Major Bug Fix: Nether and End portals not working
  • Known Bug: No credits


  • New Feature: Allows customisation of superflat maps.
  • Added Readme file
  • Bug Fixes


  • New Feature: Now generates Nether and End for you
  • New Feature: Flat Map (Still buggy)
  • Bug Fixed: Teleportation to other worlds does not work when opped
  • Bug Fixed: World Generation for a single word world not effective


  • Fixed Permissions
  • Added dummy command /mcw createf (For generating superflat maps)


  • Beta released MCWorld!
  • Added world management commands. Eg. /mcw props
  • Added support for permissions
  • Added individual selection of worlds with /mcw select [worldname]

And many more...


  1. Download
  2. Place MCWorld.jar and MCWorld folder in plugins folder inside your server directory
  3. Reload or restart server
  4. Manage multiple worlds!

Known Conflicts: Most chat management plugins

Commands Usage: /mcw [command] ...

  • select | load | create: Creates/loads world and selects it for convenient purposes
  • createf: Creates a superflat map with customization settings. See creating a flatmap for more details (NEW)
  • help: Offers help to commands or usage on plugin
  • joinall: Forces all players to enter a specific world
  • kickallworld: Kicks everyone out of the server in a specific world
  • list: Lists all worlds found in server directory
  • listwarp: List all warps that are created
  • playerlist: Lists the players in a specific world
  • props: Change the properties of selected world [See Below]
  • setwarp: Sets and saves a warp with provided name into warps.yml
  • tp: Teleports yourself into specified world
  • unload: Unloads a world
  • unloadnosave: Unloads a world without saving it.
  • warp: Warps yourself into specified warp
  • kicktoworld: Kick people to a specific world

Properties Usage: /mcw props [property name] [value]

  • Spawning Entities: (Int) ticksperanimalspawn, (Int) tickspermobspawn, (Boolean) mobspawn, (Boolean) animalspawn, (Int) animalspawnlimit, (Int) mobspawnlimit, (Int/String) difficulty
  • Weather and Time: (Int) weatherduration, (Boolean) thundering, (Int) thunderduration, (Boolean) storm, (Int) fulltime, (Int/String) time
  • Others: (Boolean) pvp, (x,y,z) spawnlocation, (Boolean) keepspawninmemory, (Boolean) autosave

Creating a flatmap

For flatmap creations, type in /mcw createF [Biome Name];[Block IDxThickness],[Block IDxThickness],...;[Additional Info (Not done yet)] Biome name needs to be in capitals.


  • mcw.command.[commandname] for all commands.
  •[worldname] to limit worlds
  •![worldname] to prevent teleportation of specific world
  • mcw.command.warp.[warpname] to limit warps
  • mcw.command.warp.![warpname] to prevent teleportation of specific warp

Bug reports, Suggestions

Please summit an issue to me at GitHub MCWorld. I will look into it ASAP. DO NOT SUMMIT TICKETS LIKE "OMG YOU COPIED [plugin]"

To Do List

  • Teleportation Signs
  • Fix bugs reported
  • Better permissions support
  • Allow integration with other plugins
  • Multiple Inventory Option
  • End Portal Fix

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