MCWorld v1.4


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    Jul 27, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2



-WARNING: This release might have some massive bugs. Report them at the comments and post the error log.-

  • New Feature: All worlds have independent files
  • New Feature: Disabling of chat formatting in config.yml
  • New Feature: Saves player information when going through worlds (BETA)
  • New Feature: /mcw tpi [worldname]: Allows players to teleport and ignore and override config file locations and settings
  • New Feature: /mcw tp [worldname]: Allows player to teleport and get to previous known location
  • Bug Fix: Creating a superflat world will give unintended error
  • Bug Fix: Some commands not working as intended
  • Bug Fix: End Portal not working as intended on other worlds
  • Known Bug: After closing or reloading server, superflat worlds will generate normal Minecraft Chunks
  • Known Bug: Not generating _nether or _the_end due to new format of world saving


  • Major Bug Fix: Loads unintended world at start


  • New Feature: /mcw kicktoworld [worldname]
  • New Feature: Ability to load multiple worlds at start of server with config.yml
  • Bug Fixes: End Portal (I Hope)
  • Added dummy command /mcw tpi for multiple profile world teleportation.
  • Moved to Maven. There might be bugs.


  • Major Bug Fix: Portals not working
  • Note: Source code are removed from JAR file. Use Github instead.
  • Known Bugs: No credits


  • New Feature: Allows customisation of superflat maps.
  • Readme file added!
  • Bug Fixes


  • New Feature: Now generates Nether and End for you
  • New Feature: Flat Map (Still buggy)
  • Bug Fixed: Teleportation to other worlds does not work when opped
  • Bug Fixed: World Generation for a single word world not effective


  • Fixed Permissions
  • Added dummy command /mcw createf (For generating superflat maps)


  • Beta released MCWorld!
  • Added world management commands. Eg. /mcw props
  • Added support for permissions
  • Added individual selection of worlds with /mcw select [worldname]

And many more...