MCVersus allows players in your server to have one on one battles without any interruptions! Setup is minimal and you can have your 1v1 arena up after a few simple commands! Once your arena is up and running the plugin handles it all. You just set the arena's positions and the player's armor and your done! MCVersus is easy & configurable towards your server!


  • Configurable arena, countdown times, and armour and weapons.
  • Easy setup, you can have an arena up within a minute.
  • Players DO NOT lose items when join/leaving arena.
  • You don't need to touch the config.yml! Simple commands are used to configure the plugin!
Command Description Permission
/versus join Join the Versus Arena MCVersus.Join
/versus leave Leave the Versus Arena MCVersus.Leave
/versus reload Reloads ther config MCVersus.Config.Reload
/versus set arena Set the Versus Arena MCVersus.Set.Arena
/versus set pos1 Set the first position MCVersus.Set.Pos
/versus set pos2 Set the second position MCVersus.Set.Pos
/versus set inv Set the Versus Inventory MCVersus.Set.Inv
/versus set inv own Disables preset inventory and allows players to bring their own inventory MCVersus.Set.Inv.Own
/versus set countdown <seconds> Set the countdown time MCVersus.Set.Countdown

Setup & Configuration

Setting up your arena is straightforward and easy. First build and arena. Then do /versus set arena where you want player to teleport when they join the arena. Next execute /versus set pos1 & /versus set pos2 at the respective positions where you want the players to teleport when they start a one on one battle. Finally do /versus set inv while your inventory is setup like how you want the players who are battling's inventory to be. Once these four commands are completed you have an arena setup!

If you have any questions, send me a private message or leave a comment!


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