Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide


  1. Install BKCommonLib and TrainCarts
  2. Install MinecraftTrainSimulator


This plugin has no config.

Steam trains

Create a train linked by TrainCarts. There's no min/max amount of carts and no need to place a furnace cart. But I recommend to place at least 2 carts. E.g.: [ Cart ] + [ Furnace Cart ] + [ Cart ]

Now enter the train's head or tail cart and then type /mcts create coal

You need to add fuel to the train, so take some coal in hand and type /mcts addfuel

You can control the fuel level using /mcts fuel - fuel level = amount of coal x 1200.

Now you have to set yourself as the leader: type /mcts control

Now exit the cart, take a map and enter again, you'll see the status panel. As of now you can continue on your own, set the direction:

  • /df - Forward
  • /dn - Neutral
  • /db - Backward

And accelerate:

  • /p1 - Slow
  • /p2 - A bit faster
  • /p3 - Almost really fast
  • /p4 - full speed
  • /neutral - neutral/idle
  • /b1 - Brake a bit
  • /b2 - Brake a bit more
  • /b3 - Brake quite a lot
  • /b4 - Full brake

Electric trains

Start the same way by creating a train linked by TrainCarts.

Now enter the train and type /mcts create electric to create an electric train.

There is no need to add any fuel to the train, since electric trains get their power through overhead lines.

Before you can drive your train, you need to create a substation. So leave the train and type /substation create <insert-any-name-here> <insert-any-voltage-here> to start creation. The name can contain any character except spaces. The voltage describes how far the substation powers your trains (1000 means 100 blocks in each direction, 5000 means 500 blocks in each direction).

Now you have to place a redstone block with a distance of exactly one block next to your rails.

As next you have to place a fence (can be wooden of any type or netherbrick) between the redstone block and your rails.

Now you've finished, the substation should have created itself. To turn the substation on just move the lever.

In the end you have to place overhead lines made of iron fences all over your rails. Just start at the substation, which should already have one iron fence block. The line must be exactly at that height over the rails.

If you created the train, built a substation and placed the overhead lines, you should now be able to drive your electric train. After typing /mcts control you should be able to control your train like you control any steam trains (look above).

Status panel

status panel

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