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McRoleplay is a huge Roleplay plugin which adds a lot of cool features to the game and is still expanding! It is my first big project and I'm so happy to finally announce it! It is still in development, but I just want to hear your opinion and your wonderful ideas, so I can add them already in the first beta tests! But now, to the description about the plugin.

McRoleplay is a plugin which aims to add a better game experience to the current, awesome game Minecraft. It features a cool levelling system, where you have to gain XP for killing enemies (or maybe breaking of some ores, in the future) to better your stats and increase one of the main attributes, like health points, mana points and so on. You will get after each level up a configurable amount of skill points, which let's you buy various skills or spells. The basic health of the game has been changed, too. You can set how many hearts a player has (by default 2) in beginning and then letting him increase his health by levelling up. You can increase your health up to as many hearts as you want. Yes, you can have also 100 or more hearts! But, how would you kill such a boss? That's easy! Go and better your weapons with many possible improvements, fire damage, ice damage, higher damage and so on! If you don't like melee fights and you preffer magicians or archers, there are many toys for those, too!

There are so many things which I didn't tell you, but I'm not going to reveal them all at once. I will frequently update this page with more content, so stay tunned and get amazed!


This plugin is getting on it's way to success, all the hard things are now finished, so it should get released pretty soon! Don't let the current progress bar fool you, it is going to fill-up now pretty fast. Also, the first test-server and closed-beta is going to start sooner, than the bar get's full.
So stay tuned!
Stay tuned!


My work and the constant developing of plugins and keeping them up-to-date is a very time-consuming and efforting task. I spend a lot of my free time into that. If you'd like to appreciate this work, please donate. Every single € helps!
You can chose yourself how much you want to donate, but for +5€, your server gets added to the featured servers on all of my plugins. Additionally, if you register on my website, you also get exclusive access to my other not-released, but fully functional plugins!
To donate, simply click at the "Donate" button right below.



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