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  • Have you ever been tired of minecraft not being realistic enough? Well, Then this is the plugin for you! This plugin makes minecraft much more realistic and adds a lot of features!


You can disable/enable all this features in the config.yml, so if you want only one of those features, be welcome. =====================


* Realistic Building:

  • - The blocks you build will fall down.
  • - There is a 'Building Support' block which you can craft like that: 1 Cobblestone and 1 fence below, will make a building support. Building support If you place the building support it will not fall down, and then you can place regular blocks on the building support, and break the building support. And the blocks will not fall down.

* Weather affects player:

  • - If it is raining/snowing in the minecraft world and a player doesn't have any clothes on him(armor) or is not near a torch then he will freeze to death.
  • - If a player is standing near a torch when it's raining he will feel cosy..

* Player gets thirsty:

  • - If you don't drink you will get thirsty, and when you are really thirsty you will start to take damage every couple of minutes, you can drink from a bottle you get when you spawn. You can refill that bottle. Thirsty

* Chopping down trees is now more realistic:

  • - This plugin disable chopping down trees with your bare hands(you can disable this in the config).
  • - When you chop down a tree not with an axe, you will only get 1 wood.
  • - If you chop down a tree with an axe you have a chance to get 3 wood/2 wood/1 wood/or nothing.

* Minecraft stats:

  • - If you write /mystats it will show you your stats, example: Stats

The name and the age is randomly generated, you can disable this.

* Fatigue system:

  • - When the players mines block, break blocks, and does certain actions, his fatigue goes up. the limit is 250. When a player's fatigue reached 250, the player can't perform certain action like breaking block, placing block.... Until he gets some sleep in a nice and comfortable bed.

* Armor weight system:

  • - Your speed is set by the amount of armor you have, so if you have all diamond armor you will move really slow, and if you will have all leather armor you will move at a regular speed.

* Broken Bones:

  • - If you fall from a high place you will probably break your bones, When your bones are broken you will move slower, until they are healed again, the time it takes for the bones to heal depends on how high was the fall.. You can instantly heal your bones by using a bandage you can create like this:

Right click to use. won't work if stacked.

* Trails:

  • - When you walk you will leave a trail behind you, that works like that: when you stand on a block you have a 1/4 chance on turning that block into dirt if it's grass, into sandstone if it's sand...

* Enchanted arrows light a fire:

  • - When you shoot an arrow with an enchantment of fire, the arrow will light a fire where it hits.

More features to come....


  • - mcr.mystats ===> Description: Permission for the command /mystats.
  • - mcr.fatigue ===> Description: Permission for the command /fatigue.


- This plugin is very customizable, Here is the config.yml:

    WeatherAffectsPlayer: true
    Thirst: true
    DisplayHungerMessage: true
    Allow Fatigue: true
    Allow Chop Down Trees With Hands: false
    Trees have random number of drops: true
    Allow /mystats: true
    Allow /fatigue: true
    Spawn with items: true
    Realistic_Building: true


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